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Myths Laser Cataract Surgery

Today, we are going to talk about a very exciting and new topic; laser cataract surgery. There are a lot of myths about laser cataract surgery and we are going to bust them all.

We are going to talk about myths of laser cataract surgery.

Laser cataract surgery is safer the manual cataract surgery. Even doctors believe that but reports came out of a study that showed that it was not the case. Laser surgery is at best as good as manual cataract surgery but not safer. That is one myth, which has been busted not by me but by published and reviewed journal studies of Europe.


Myths Revealed


Free & Insurance Covered

That is not true. Medical insurance has determined that if someone wants to upgrade to laser cataract surgery, they will have to pay extra.


Robotic Surgery

That is not true. Lasers do certain steps pf the procedure, mainly opening in the lens and sometimes cutting the lens. In fact, some steps are done better by hand.


Wounds By Lasers Better

Cataract wounds made by lasers are better than those made by diamond knives. The reverse is true, diamond knives can make better and more precise wounds than the current generation of lasers used in cataract surgery.


Glasses Free After Surgery

If we do laser cataract surgery, we would not have to wear glasses after the procedure. That is not true. Only ‘presbyopic implants in eye’, can free you from the bondage of contact lens and glasses after cataract surgery and not laser.

Speed With The Latest In Eye Technology

After cataract surgery, drops will not be needed. Again, that does not hold the light of day. You will need drops. Drop less surgeries is a different concept. After the laser cataract surgery, you might need more drops.

Laser cataract surgery might be less painful and faster by cataract surgery done by hand. I feel sorry but, we have to bust that one too. When we do laser cataract surgery, we have to apply something that would hold your eye while the laser moves around making the openings and cutting the lens up. That is held by negative suction pressure, which is painful and we have to give you medication for that. For that, we have to add another step, we have to do the part of the surgery done with laser first and then in the operative room, we have to do the rest of the surgery by hand. It increases the time that you would be in the operating theater.

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Latest Techniques For Cataract Surgery

Do not settle for older methods. Your eyes are important. Decide what you want out of the procedure. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to do any with all sorts of contact lenses and glasses.

You have probably heard about it but what is interesting is that your grandparents have probably heard about it. Even their grandparents knew about cataract surgery. Over the years, cataract surgery has advanced so much. The surgical finesse has become so much better that the modern day cataract surgery is way ahead the cataract surgery that was performed 60-70 years ago.

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