LA Galaxy

Los Angeles Galaxy is a well known professional soccer team that participates in Major League Soccer. Their home stadium is Home Depot Center in Carson, Los angeles
. The Galaxy has the highest all time attendance in league history and is the first MLS team to make a profit in a season. LA Galaxy has become very popular over the years. Galaxy has taken soccer to new heights in the city with average attendances in their first season in 1996 reaching 30,000. They became the first LA team to be crowned continental champions in 2000. The name “Galaxy” refers to Los Angeles being the home of many Hollywood “stars“.
In 2007 there was a new addition to the team. Soccer star, David Beckham was the new arrival to the Galaxy. Beckham becoming a team member to the LA Galaxy may have increased the amount of fans, and many of these new fans are most likely to be females. Along with David Beckham the other teammates are: Alamo, Charles Allen, Ely, Beckham, David Buddle, Edson Cronin, Steve Donovan, Landon Franklin, Sean Gavin, Michael Gordon, Alan Hatzke, Matt Higgins, Vito Jazic, Ante Jordan, Bryan Klein, Chris McDonald, Brandon Pires, Alvaro Randolph, Mike Roberts, Troy Ruiz, Carlos Sesay, Israel Tudela, Josh Vagenas, Peter Valentin, Julian Vanney, Greg Wicks, Josh Xavier, Abel. The Galaxy has gone to the MLS cup final five times in 1996, 1999, 2001, 2002, and 2005 winning in 2002 and 2005. Although the team had an outstanding season in 2005, 2006 season was considered as the worst in the Galaxy’s history as the team finished fifth in the Western Conference. They were eliminated from playoff contention for the first time since the league’s inception.
LA Galaxy set an all-time record high for TV ratings for MLS on ESPN on the July 21 game. That match was the most-watched program on all of TV that night among young adult males in the U.S. That same day David Beckham made his debut during the 78th minute of the game against Chelsea F.C. There were over 30,000 fans at the Home Depot Center. There were 19 ESPN cameras covering this game. One camera was specifically focused on David Beckham. This camera kept its full attention on David, even when sitting on the bench. This game had many celebrities including Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Galaxy has thousands of fans.
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