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Eye-smart Week is celebrated by the Khanna Institute
This past week medical professionals across the country recognized annual Eye-Smart week. Dr. Khanna, Medical director of the Khanna Vision Institute, joined in the festivities. The American Academy of Ophthalmology urged people to get an eye exam and make sure that they do not have signs of disease or vision aliments. Having an eye exam is an important part of staying healthy and maintaining quality of life. It is important to visit a skilled M.D. on a regular basis so that they can identify diseases and recommend treatment or surgical procedures while in the early stages of the diagnosis. During the exam the doctor will evaluate the patient’s eyes by conducting a variety of tests which will identify abnormalities or diseases in their early stages.


Vision Expert Dr. Khanna selected as a monthly columnist in Acorn newspaper
The Acorn Newspaper has selected Dr. Rajesh Khanna as their new monthly columnist. Dr. Khanna will provide reader’s with valuable vision care tips as well as answering the reader’s questions regarding all things vision. The Acorn is a well-known publication that has been circulating for over 30 years. In the most recent edition Dr. Khanna gives his insight and vision advice for patients between the ages of 18 and 45. For this age group, Dr. Khanna recommends Lasik vision correction. Lasik has a number of astounding benefits including; wavefront technology, astigmatism correction, and blade-free Lasik. Dr. Khanna explains to reader’s, that today’s laser vision correction surgery is safer, longer lasting, and provides better vision than ever before. The Lasik of today is even able to improve night vision and reduce glare and halos.

Hiroaki Recovers Vision after Cataract Surgery in spite of Macular Degeneration
Dr. Rajesh Khanna recently performed cataract surgery on a most deserving patient. Patient Hiroaki Okayama suffered from macular degeneration and poor vision. Macular degeneration is a medical condition that affects adults’ age fifty and above and ultimately results in vision loss. If left untreated it can cause serious visual impairments and even blindness. Hiroaki had almost given up hope, unable to drive and perform daily activities, and he could no longer play golf or participate in hobbies. Fortunately, Dr. Khanna is familiar with treating Macular degeneration patients. Dr. Khanna performed cataract surgery on Hiroaki and drastically improve his vision. Hiroaki is extremely pleased with his results. He no longer has to worry about his vision stopping him from doing all the activities he enjoys. After surgery Hiroaki remarked, “My vision is miraculous, such an improvement, I could not be happier.”

Wavefront Lasik cures the Astigmatism of Sergio Contreras at the Khanna Vision Institute
Sergio came to Dr. Khanna after years of suffering from poor vision, a lazy eye, and high astigmatism. He became frustrated with his vision and his quality of life was becoming impaired. Dr. Khanna decided that wavefront Lasik surgery was the best option for Sergio. Prior to wavefront Lasik Sergio could not participate in many of the activities he enjoyed. As an avid gun shooter, Sergio had a difficult time aiming and hitting the targets at the shooting range. Now after surgery, Sergio says that his vision has improved drastically and having better aim at the shooting range has been the most exciting advancement. Sergio remarked “I had a quick recovery and I would recommend Khanna to anyone that is interested in improving the quality of their vision.” High astigmatisms such as Sergio’s can be treated with wavefront Lasik eye surgery.
Hercules is thrilled with his New Vision
Well known actor and director Kevin Sorbo. His fans love him in the television series Hercules, Andromeda and the recent feature film Soul Surfer. For many years Kevin suffered from the eye disorder pterygium as well as poor vision. He was recently introduced to corneal specialist and Lasik expert Dr. Rajesh Khanna. Dr. Khanna has treated thousands of patients suffering from pterygium and has specialized in vision correction for over twenty years. Dr. Khanna performed pterygium removal surgery and Kevin had great results. Kevin is now very happy with his vision and says that Dr. Khanna is “phenomenal, great, and amazing!” Kevin says he should have had the surgery years ago, he wanted to get it done, he needed to get it done, and he is extremely happy with the results.