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I can see even better than I did before with my contacts and glasses.

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Insurance Now Covers FDA Approved Corneal Cross-Linking For Keratoconus. Breaking News: FDA approved cross linking of the cornea for Keratoconus. Eye Disease is now covered by insurance! Please Note: Only Epi-off Avedro KXL/Photrexa system cross linking is FDA approved.  What is Cross-linking (CXL)? Read below for more information. Call Now to halt progression of Keratoconus.

Does vision insurance like VSP or Spectra cover surgical treatment of keratoocnus?

VSP covers for contact lens like scleral contact lens for improving vision in keratoconus eyes. They do not reimburse for cornea cross linking or intacs.

Which medical insurance covers cxl for keratoconus?

Many medical insurances have started reimbursing for prevention of progression of keratoconus. An important caveat is that the surgeon has to be certified to use FDA approved riboflavin. Currently Avedro Photrexa is the only FDA approved.

Can i use my flex or HSA plan towards my keratoconus eye procedure. 

Since this is a medically necessary procedure you can pay for it by HSA or FLEX funds.

About [Rajesh Khanna, MD]

Rajesh Khanna is an award-winning ophthalmologist who has been recognized by doctors, magazines, and numerous organizations. He was identified as the top doctor in L.A. in 2011, VOTED BEST Lasik surgeon by the readers of the L.A Daily News and the Ventura County Star, listed as one of America’s top ophthalmologists by Consumer Research Council of America, featured on the cover of Beverly Hills Times, and featured on the Best of L.A. SoCal T.V and numerous radio stations across the country. Additionally, he was featured in a 2011 article in Newsweek where he was listed as one of the top 15 leaders in laser eye surgery. He is trusted by many Hollywood celebrities and doctors.

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Insurance and keratoconus treatment reimbursement

Brenda Song Lasik

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I can see even better than I did before with my contacts and glasses.


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I definitely recommend Dr.Khanna, he's amazing at what he does.

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Dr.Khanna was so thorough and clearly knows everything there is to know about eyes.

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