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Keratoconus Doctor

Meet Keratoconus Doctor Rajesh Khanna, MD

Keratoconus Doctor Khanna is here to help you attain better vision.You or your loved one plagued by keratoconus eye disease may be a teen, a young adult or more mature. If you are suffering from keratoconus eyes disease, you need somebody compassionate to help you. Glare, difficulty in driving may be preventing you from living your life to its full potential. Let us introduce you to  expert keratoconus surgeon Dr Rajesh Khanna.

He has been in the field of eye surgery for over twenty five years. He has been helping people see better for a long time. His passion to help people with Keratoconus eye disease led him to get specialized training in hard contact lens twenty years ago. He realized these lenses were very troublesome. They caused irritation, redness and even fell off the eye. Worse they caused scarring of the cornea by rubbing against the bulging cornea. Dr. Khanna decided to get further medical and surgical training in keratoconus at University of Cincinnati in mid nineties.

Keratoconus Surgeon of Los-Angeles


Dr.Khanna has been performing insertion of Intacs for over a decade. In fact he was amongst the first in Los Angeles to master the art and science of intacs technology. He was certified by the manufacturer  of intacs – Addition Technology. As his experience grew he imbibed new technology. Dr.Khanna now even implants newer thicker ring segments. He loves extreme precision in keratoconus eyes.  He has evolved  from the mechanical prolate system for intacs insertion to laser guided intacs placement. He acquired an ocular coherence tomography to map the thickness of the cornea suffering from Keratoconus. He calculates a predetermined depth to engage the laser for channel creation. Than he effortlessly slips the ring segments in.

Younger patients with Keratoconus require early intervention with Cornea cross linking with Riboflavin. Dr. Khanna performs Cxl  or epi on cross linking to halt the progression of keratoconus. His calm nature helps the teenagers and young adults to undergo this therapy

#1 Keratoconus App by Keratoconus Doctor of Los-Angeles

Keratoconus doctor los angeles

His vast expereince in treating keratoconus eye disease and improving lives has led him to create the most popular app on keratoconus treatment.

Can any eye doctor surgically treat Keratoconus eye disease?

Experts in Keratoconus are best suited to treat keratoconus eye disease. An eye doctor has to have attended medical school, an ophthalmology residency and fellowship training in cornea and keratoconus.

Can my optometrist perorm cornea cross linking?

No optometrists are not allowed to perform this procedure. Only skilled surgeons are permitted to do so.

Can any ophthalmologist do Intacs insertion?

EYE MD or an ophthalmologist has to be trained and certified in Laser Intacs insertion and cornea cross linking.

About the Author Rajesh Khanna, MD

Los Angeles Lasik Surgeon Rajesh Khanna MD is a recognized pioneer in Presbyopic Implants for correction of aging eyes. He has popularized Cornea Cross Linking and Intacs forKeratoconus. He is an Expert Cataract, Pterygium Eye Surgeon, A Cornea Specialist he performs Laser Corneal Transplants, DMEK, DSEK and DALK. Rajesh Khanna MD is a well known medical writer. He has published the bestseller "The miracle of Pi in Eye".He is also a columnist for the newspaper Acorn. Dr.Khanna also hosts "Medical Magic". In his spare time he hikes with his family and German Shepard or does yoga. He also plays field hockey and loves swimming.

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