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Iris Registration

Iris Registration

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Iris Registration is one of the many different ways Dr. Khanna provides his LASIK eye surgery patients with the highest quality results possible. VISX CustomVue iris registration allows the most accurate laser eye surgery process available.

During laser eye surgery, a tiny amount of your corneal tissue is removed, correcting your refractive error and allowing you to see clearly. In order to remove the correct amount of corneal tissue, the eye must be perfectly aligned, so that the laser can be correctly directed.


Since it is natural for the eye to shift position during any type of eye surgery procedure, the alignment process is crucial to the success of the laser eye surgery procedure. In the past, a small amount of pigment was used to help the laser eye surgeon align the eye.

Now, through VISX CustomVue iris registration, the eye surgeons at The Khanna Institute use computer technology to precisely measure and track the eye’s movements. The results of VISX CustomVue iris registration allow for the most accurate alignment of the eye. By measuring the eye and tracking its movement with iris registration, Dr. Khanna is able to pinpoint the exact area of corneal tissue that must be corrected during LASIK.

If you are like me, you are very concerned about your eyesight and the well being of your eyes. Dr. Rajesh Khanna has provided me with excellent care and has proven to be very proficient and professional while treating me. He will continue to be my doctor of choice and I highly recommend him to anyone needing eye care.*
B. Nichols

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