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Dr. Rajesh Khanna answers most common questions about Keratoconus, Intacs, Forme Fruste, Keratoplasty, Corneal, Etcasia, Hydrops, Laser, Lasik & PRK. Find out what type of treatment is best for you.

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Keratoconus FAQs

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Thin Cornea Options

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Working Of Intacs

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Intacs Patient Review

Don't Let Keratoconus Progress

​Dr. Khanna personally meets you to understand your specific difficulties with vision. He analyzes various specialized tests like Pachymetry Maps, Color Corneal Topography, Ocular Coherence Tomography, Manifest and Cycloplegic Refractions. The Doctor then custom designs a treatment plan for you which may include Intacs Corneal Ring Segments, FDA approved Corneal Cross Linking, Intracoular Implantable Lenses, Laser Astigmatism correction (in selected few) or even DSEK/Corneal Transplants. This treatment plan is based on the recommendations of The Roundtable of Global Keratoconus Experts on Treatment of Keratoconus.

The helpful staff will also work to see if your medical insurance will contribute towards treatment of your Keratoconus disease. Affordable, no interest payments over 36 months will help you seek the best treatment option with a Keratoconus treatment master.

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Cross Linkage of the Cornea

Cross linkage of the cornea should be offered to all detected with Keratoconus. The sooner progression of keratoconus is halted the better. There is more effect of treatment in teenagers. After 45 years of age the effectiveness is less.

CXL Can Be Performed

CXL can be performed as early as 10 years of age. The parents of young kids are scared to have treatment performed on their children. It is fruitful to understand that cross linking of a Keratoconus cornea can SAVE VISION.

Keratoconus Specialist Performs

A Keratoconus Specialist performs CCC (c3) or Corneal Collagen Cross linking. An expert in Keratoconus management understands the nuances of treating with chemicals. The safety of the cornea and eye is paramount.

Epithelium Off CXL Is The Most Effective

All studies show Epithelium off CXL is the most Effective... The worlds top Keratoconus experts agree that Keratoconus eye disease needs to be treated with Cross linking. They also agree that epithelium on cross linking is not more effective than epithelium off CXL.

​Some of Dr. Khanna's beloved patients

Brenda Song Lasik

Brenda Song

 American actress

"I can see even better than I did before with my contacts and glasses."

Corbin Bleu

 American actor

"I definitely recommend Dr. Khanna, he's amazing at what he does."

Tara McNamara 

American actress

"Dr.Khanna was so thorough and clearly knows everything there is to know about eyes."

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