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In The LASIK News: TV and Video

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Dr. Khanna As Seen on KCAL 9:

Have you considered LASIK to help with your vision? Learn more about if you are a LASIK candidate and the Khanna Institute of LASIK in this video.

Take a tour of the Khanna Institute of LASIK. We strive to make your journey to better vision as safe as possible.
Dr. Khanna explains how to choose the right surgeon to perform your LASIK eye surgery.
Learn more about the team at the Khanna Institute for LASIK.
Why are you waiting to have your laser eye surgery? Dr. Khanna offers a lifetime guarantee to help alleviate your fears.
Learn more about cataract surgery and how Dr. Khanna can improve your eyesight.
Are you tired of wearing your glasses? Have you been told that you will still need glasses even after LASIK surgery? Learn how Dr. Khanna can help you ditch your glasses!

Learn more about the Intacs procedure to help improve your vision.

 Dr. Khanna discusses the Intacs procedure. He shows you how the Intacs are implanted into the cornea.
 The Khanna Institute is a patient-centric eye clinic. The whole staff cares about you and will work to make sure you are as comfortable as possible before, during, and after your procedure.

Dr. Khanna has been featured in the media many times. Watch this video to see just a few of the features that have been written about him.