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Evolution of myopia or nearsightedness

Evolution of nearsightedness


In the beginning there was no Lasik. And there were very few people with nearsightedness (myopia for Latin enthusiasts). Why? The answer is simple to believers of Darwin. The dinosaurs ate the people who could not see them. Ouch. May have been good to be farsighted (hmm..). That is why the majority of earths population is such.(I have no idea about the refractive status of the aliens amongst us. And no person survived to reach the age of presbyopia. That is why the refractive surgery business was not very popular in those days.

A myopic fellow by the name of Kurneah was socked by a friendly dino named Retina. He yelped in pain aei, iee, iea,eye! To overcome pain he probably applied an ice pack(he forgot to apply for a patent). Lo and behold he could suddenly see clearer. Those were the humble origins of Luxotica (and better 1 0r 2). Other methods of treatment were –activating the third eye, looking at the sun(where was FDA when needed?)

Some say LASIK surgeons invented the eyes. Otherwise why the need for friends of starfish, plants, and hydra to suddenly see anemone. Well I say definitely this was not the case. If we had invented eyes we would all have had 32 like the livelihood of the dentists, (No flossing-just polishing them all would be enough)

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