iLASIK is a method of LASIK eye surgery that involves a combination of different LASIK technologies. Specifically, iLASIK uses the IntraLase laser and CustomVue technology to create the corneal flap. In this sense, iLASIK is not a new method; it is simply a new way of describing a combined technique. The companies that created IntraLase and CustomVue merged into a single platform and decided to name it iLASIK.

IntraLase is an FDA-approved femtosecond laser that is used to create a flap in your cornea. Using the laser’s computers, Dr. Khanna can customize your LASIK flap for your unique eyes, increasing the safety of the procedure and allowing the flap to “lock” back into position once the LASIK procedure is complete. This decreases the chances of your flap slipping or causing other complications. When this technique is combined with the advanced mapping of CustomVue technology, patients are rewarded with one of the most precise LASIK procedures available.

Some of the other benefits of iLASIK are:

  • It’s the only laser vision correction procedure approved by NASA
  • Capable of correcting the broadest range of refractive errors
  • Trusted by thousands of doctors worldwide

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