Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

Awesome movie? We could really feel the heat from the goblet of fire. Actually it was the Santa Ana winds stoking the fires on the hills of Ventura.
Hey heard the latest?
Harry Potter is considering superlasik with us. He needs permission from J.K Rawling first, though.;)

Written by Rajesh Khanna, MD

Los Angeles Lasik Surgeon Rajesh Khanna MD is a recognized pioneer in Presbyopic Implants for correction of aging eyes. He has popularized Cornea Cross Linking and Intacs forKeratoconus. He is an Expert Cataract, Pterygium Eye Surgeon, A Cornea Specialist he performs Laser Corneal Transplants, DMEK, DSEK and DALK. Rajesh Khanna MD is a well known medical writer. He has published the bestseller "The miracle of Pi in Eye".He is also a columnist for the newspaper Acorn. Dr.Khanna also hosts "Medical Magic". In his spare time he hikes with his family and German Shepard or does yoga. He also plays field hockey and loves swimming.

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  1. super joke for harry potter. have you heard that harry and hermione are dating. ron has been making-out with lavender brown. find out more at the website www. harrypotter/truebutrealsecerts.com