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Hangout with Laserman

Hangout with Laserman

KVI offers GOOGLE HANGOUTS with Dr.Khanna to help clear your doubts

Hangout with Laserman is a new way to learn. Hangouts are like real-life conversations!  Currently the hangout is complementary so that people can get honest opinions, even from distant countries like England, Russia, or Australia. You can also talk to board certified ophthalmologist Dr. Rajesh Khanna in real time and get all your questions answered. Don’t have time to come in for a consult? Join us for a live hangout where you can ask any question regarding all your vision concerns.

No question is too silly or too technical. You may have surgery anywhere in the world but you can still hangout with the laserman. Verify what you are being told by your surgeons salespeople is correct. Clarify the confusion created from reading articles on the internet.

Find out what others are asking about Lasik, cataracts eye surgery or just drop in to see what vision concerns we are talking about this week.  Joining Google Hangout is simple. So hurry! The conversations are happening now!

And did we mention they are free. Lear about lasik eye surgery from the comfort of your home.

Every PST 12:00


Hangout with Laserman

Hangout with Laserman



by Rajesh Khanna, MD

Author of “The Miracle of Pi in Eye

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