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Google News Author

Google News Author

Dr. Khanna Author of Miracle of Pi in Eye

Google News Author Rajesh Khanna, MD

Rajesh Khanna, MD is a critically acclaimed author. His bestseller “The miracle of Pi in Eye” is available on Amazon. He has also written books on the subject of keratoconus and lasik eye surgery. These books are titled “Cure of Keratoconus” and “Lasik in the 21st Century”.

Dr.Khanna is a columnist for the Acorn Newspapers published in various cities in California. The column is aptly titled “Aye Eye Doc”. It is very popular among the readers. He is also sought after to write articles for health magazines. His easy to read informative pieces have appeared in “Your Health Connection”, “Westlake Magazine”  and many others.

He has also authored informative booklets and white paper on various topics related to eye health. These include information on contact lens, superlasik and newer technologies.

He also hosts “Medical Magic”. It is a TV show bringing the cutting edge medical technologies to viewers. Another popular internet show hosted by Dr.Khanna is “Hangout with Laserman”

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