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No pain, nor loss of vision during lasik.

No redness. No pain afterwards.

So you See and Smile!

Just 15 seconds to fashion the flap using new advanced small bubble technology.

Computers monitor and control the entire process.

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You Want To See Better.

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Whatever your prescription, age, refractive error, corneal shape or thickness, Refractive Surgeon Rajesh Khanna, MD can offer a choice be it no pain lasik eye surgery or no cut superlasik or even ICL or PIE based on the detailed measurements of your eye.  The team here at Khanna Vision Institute will turn your dream to reality delivering amazing vision.

Our consultation will answer which of the following procedure is The Best for your eyes:


A popular no cut safe procedures. It iis considered by Corneal surgeons as one of the safest laser vison procedures even when lasik may not be possible.

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Astigmatism Lasik Eye Surgery

A pain free Lasik to reshape the Cornea from footabll shaped to that like a basketball.

Painless lasik eye surgery expert doctor

Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

ICL is a small collagen lens which is placed between the natural lens and the colored part of the eye. It is deployed when  the treatment is beyond the safety limits for laser vision correction.

Superdoctors 2021 ophthalmology lasik

PIE - Presbyopic Implant in Eye

PIE is an acronym for Presbyopic Implant in Eye. Dr. Khanna invented the term and has helped popularize the procedure. He has performed this amazing surgery on his mom and thousands more, who can see at all distances without any visual aid.

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An easy to read book on Presbyopic Implants in Eye & why they are superior to lasik.

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Learn everything about Presbyopic Implants in Eye (PIE).   Compare and contrast PIE  with Lasik  Superlasik, ICL and other refractive procedures. Discover how to choose the best procedure and surgeon anywhere in the world!

Cosmetic Pterygium procedure 

Pterygium is a callus-like growth which interferes with your vision and is unsightly. We use advanced techniques, like autografts, which are glued to host tissue. Our surgery is not only precise and well done, but it's also cosmetically beautiful and prevents recurrence. 

Laser Cataract Surgery

The latest technological advance in cataract surgery has benefited many at our surgery center. We recommend this advanced technology, especially for the fearful, those unable to keep their eyes steady and those who demand perfection.

What we do

A lifetime association

We feel so confident in Dr. Khanna's dexterity, our advanced lasers and the support of our exceptional staff that we provide a ten-year guarantee. We offer a FREE Virtual or Live consultation where we can assess your candidacy for Lasik eye surgery. When you come into one of our four convenient locations, which offer free parking, we can establish a safety profile for the procedure. If you are not a candidate for Lasik, we can see if you would qualify for Superlasik or ICL. For people above 45 years of age, the PIE procedure may be desirable.

The journey to great eyesight starts with mutual trust. Your eyes are unique. We perform various state of the art tests and then Dr. Khanna personally meets with you to develop a customized treatment plan.

When you are ready to have your Lasik eye surgery, this information is transmitted to the latest FDA-approved lasers which are maintained by the manufacturers and diligently calibrated by our highly trained staff. Sterilized or disposable equipment is employed during the procedure to create a flap, precise laser delivery and reposition the flap.

Whether you undergo Lasik eye surgery, Superlasik, have ICL implanted or have PIE procedure performed, our whole focus remains on you and your eyes. We unrelentingly strive to prevent any complications and deliver awesome vision.

Cross Check Measurements

This is achieved by multiple measurements using cutting edge instruments, rechecking and validating the assessments. The actual Lasik procedure is performed in a clean laser suite and PIE is perfomed in a sterile, federally certified Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Pain Free Procedure

We know you may be scared. It’s our job to put you at ease, especially since many of our staff have undergone laser vison correction and understand the apprehension. We will explain the procedure in simple terms to dispel the anxiety. This can be augmented by an antianxiety medicine on the day of the procedure.

Perfect finish

After the procedure we watch your eyes like a hawk. Dr. Khanna personally sees every patient after the procedure to detect any signs of inflammation, or the very rare infection. The accuracy of your results is also documented and celebrated.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Rajesh Khanna, MD feels each person seeking better vision, who puts their faith in his hands, is like family. Dr. Khanna has operated on his own mom, wife and son. He brings the same passion to his surgeries and inspires us to treat you like family.

We want to bring happiness

We bestow sight but our ultimate goal is to bring happiness by improving your lifestyle. Good vision improves accuracy in sports, decreases anxiety, increases energy and positivity in life. 


What our patients have to say ... 

Corbin Bleu has Khanna LASIK

Corbin Bleu 


"I recommend people to see Dr. Khanna for LASIK vision correction."

Brenda Song


"Dr. Khanna waved a magic wand and made my astigmatism disappear. It helped me a lot in my acting career by eliminating the glare from overhead lights."


This lifetime investment you are making does require a cash outlay, which can be taken care of by Visa or MasterCard, PayPal or a check. You may even opt for a no cash down, no interest, affordable monthly payments. The price of each procedure varies and may be found on the relevant page.

We have a simple pricing model for all the procedures. The one price includes all the following.

Before Surgery



We do a thorough eye exam using the latest diagnostic tools. We want to establish the best and safest procedure for your eyes. The multiple tests are repeated if necessary, at no extra cost to you.



Procedure Based

This cost includes the laser or surgery center, the surgeon’s fees and all that is needed to perform a pain free, wonderful, precise operation.

After Surgery



12 months of post operative visits are included for free with all procedures. Dry eye therapy is provided as well. But wait,

there is more!

We provide a 12-year enhancement warranty!


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