For good measurements, getting the red cross aligned very precisely is essential. The single red line needs to
be about right. One good alternative way to get this single red line correctly aligned is to only look at the top
view (where the red cross is) and get the iris of the patient into the best possible focus. This method will allow
you to concentrate on one picture only whilst aligning the device. This makes it quicker and easier as well.
Other factors of importance are tear film and shadows of the nose and eye lashes.
All these success factors lead to the following best practice for taking measurements:
1. align the instrument to about the right position: get the red cross on the four spots and get the iris into
sharp focus.
2. now ask the patient to BLINK and OPEN EXTRA WIDE
3. quickly make the final adjustments of the device to get the red cross right and the iris sharp
4. and push the button on top of the joystick
The data will now be processed and as soon as that is done the Verify And Edit Screen will appear and with
that a pop up with one overall quality percentage and 5 specific ones.
The Overall Quality is an important indicator and should be
greater than 90% in general. Also important is Motion
Compensation Quality which should also be more than 90%.
The Motion Compensation Quality indicates how well the
patented eye tracker system had been able to follow the eye
movement during the procedure. Eye tracking is critical for
combining all the data points of the different images that are
taken in one measurement.

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