EpiLASIK for Dry Eyes

Tears bathe your eye and wash out dust and debris. They also help keep your eye moist and contain enzymes that are essential for good eye health.

If you are suffering from dry eye syndrome, your eye either does not produce sufficient tears, or has a certain chemical composition that causes your tears to dry up too quickly.
Those who have poor vision and are considering LASIK surgery, it is important to note that dry eyes can occur both before and after this procedure. Dry eyes may be aggravated in patients who had the condition prior to their surgery.

Dry eyes are less common

Surgeons who use epiLASIK have reported fewer instances of dry eye syndrome as a complication. One reason may be because the thinner corneal flap does not impede the normal processes of the corneal nerves that trigger the responses necessary to moisten your eye’s surface.

EpiLASIK differs from LASIK because of the type and thickness of the corneal flap. The flap cut is so thin that it does not penetrate the actual cornea substance, only its outer layer, known as the epithelium. An epithelial separator is used to separate the epithelium sheet from the eye. Because epiLASIK does not actually penetrate into the superficial layers of the cornea like LASIK does, it is less likely that you will develop or worsen dry eyes with this procedure.

If you or a loved one lives in Los Angeles and is suffering from dry eyes, please contact our office today to schedule your free vision screening today. Orange County ophthalmologist Dr. Khanna can help you find the treatment to alleviate your dry eyes and get on with your life. Please call today.

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