Dry Eye Syndrome: How Do Punctal Plugs Work?

If you have dry eye syndrome, you may have already heard about a common treatment: punctal plugs. These tiny biocompatible plugs – no larger than a grain of rice – are placed into your tear ducts in order to block drainage, increasing the amount of moisture on the surface of your eyes. Punctal plugs are also called occluders, lacrimal plugs, or punctum plugs.

Temporary punctal plugs are dissolvable, meaning your body will eventually absorb them after a certain amount of time – whether a few days or several months. These temporary plugs are often used after LASIK surgery in order to prevent dry eyes. Or, Dr. Khanna may use them to see how the treatment works for you particular dry eye condition before placing semi-permanent plugs.

After measuring the size of your tear duct openings (called puncta), Dr. Khanna will determine the right size of punctal plug you need. Local anesthetic is sometimes used to place the plug, but in certain cases, no anesthesia is needed at all. Once the plug is in place, you should not feel it. There may be some slight discomfort initially, but this will wear off over time, and you should be able to drive yourself home and resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure.

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