Directions to Khanna Institute of LASIK from Santa Barbara, CA

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Directions from Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara is right along the coast. In Santa Barbara there is a street called State Street, which has tons of shops, stores, restaurants, bars and clubs. If you follow State Street all the way down you will hit the beach and if you follow the beach along the coast it will take you to the 101 S. If you get on the 101 S. it will take you to Westlake. When driving on the 101 S. you are driving along the coast to your left you will see mountains and to your right you will see the beach. You will go through Carpentaria going through Carpentaria you will see to your left houses, with the mountains behind them and on the right the beach. After Carpentaria you will go through Ventura. When going through Ventura you will see to your right the Ventura Fair Grounds. Then after Ventura you will get to Oxnard where you will see crops, fields, stores, businesses and restaurants on your right and left hand side. Then from Oxnard you drive through Camarillo. Where you will see crops and fields. Then you go up the grade and you see mountains on your left and right, and the city down below you to your left. From there you go through Thousand Oaks. Going through Thousand Oaks you see restaurants, car lots and businesses. Once you go through Thousand Oaks you get to Westlake and from there you would get off at Westlake Blvd, and then make a right onto Westlake Blvd, and a left at Agoura Rd. and a right onto La Venta Dr. where you will find us on the left hand corner.

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