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Directions to Khanna Institute of LASIK from Carpinteria, CA

Directions from Carpinteria
Carpinteria is next to Ventura. Carpinteria is a small city. When going South on the 101 Carpinteria is located to your left. To your right are the beaches. When driving through Carpinteria you will see houses, and a few small shops, and restaurants and a gas station that will stand out to you. Then you will hit Ventura where you will see the Ventura Fair grounds down and the beach to your right.

As you go further you will see crops, fields, restaurants and stores. You will see Camarillo is located right before you go up the grade. It is a smaller city than Ventura and Oxnard, but it is growing. When going through Camarillo you will see crops and fields on your left and right hand side.

At one point on your right you will see the Camarillo outlets and the Camarillo movie theatre on your right hand side. On your left hand side you will see the restaurant Saddle Ranch. Then you go up the grade and you see mountains on your right, and to your left the city down below you. From there you go through Thousand Oaks.

Going through Thousand Oaks you see car lots, restaurants, and businesses. You will also see the Thousand Oaks mall on your left hand side. Once you go through Thousand Oaks you get to Westlake and from there you would get off at Westlake Blvd, then make a right onto Westlake Blvd, where you will see business’s, restaurants, and shops.

Continuning along until you see the Westlake Village Inn on your left, you will take a right turn onto Greengate ct., and continue past the stop sign straight into to the parking lot where you will see our office directly in the back.


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