Crosslinking for Keratoconus is FDA approved

Crosslinking FDA approved. We are happy to announce that USA is now on par with the world. FDA after careful consideration has said cross linking is safe for treatment of Keratoconus.Avedro based in Massachusetts is the company, worked hard to get cross linking of cornea approved.

Cross Linking for treatment of Keratoconus has thus far been done only in FDA studies or off label in the US. Therefore it had been expensive. The protocols were often restrictive.Many doctors were hesitant to prescribe it for their patients.FDA approval will allow  many more patients to seek treatment for their bulging corneas. In many patients it may be curative.

Keratoconus is a disease where the front clear part termed cornea is weak. It bends under outward pressure from the fluids inside the eye. This disease is rampant in the teenage years. It is often missed. Optometrists do not perform this exam as part of annual exam. Advanced diagnostic technologies like OCT tachometry map and color cornea topography help to detect it. Intervention in teenage years can save sight. All school going children should have this simple test performed and analyzed by a Corneal Keratoconus specialist.

Cross linking works by increasing the strength of the cornea. A strong cornea is able to tolerate the forces from within the eye. This prevents the further bulging of the eye. When cross linking is performed in the teenage years it decreases the progression of the disease. The positive effect can last over a decade. By than the normal progression of the disease is naturally slowed down.

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Crosslinking FDA approval and Medical Insurance coverage

FDA approval will also allow insurances to cover the treatment. This will make the intervention by CXL affordable for people. A cat code code will soon be available. Financing options are also available.

For protocol  of Cross-linking as approved by FDA


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