Calling all COPS LASIK is for you! Let Khanna Vision Institute help you make our world a safer one.

Brother Cops Lasik eye surgery makes our work much easier. I recommend all Police Officers consider improving there eyesight with laser vision correction. See Dr. Rajesh Khanna . He will help you see better.


Thanks for defending us: Now give us a chance to defend your vision.

We want to help you make the world safer, but also help you become safer.

Because you protect us, we would like to protect your eyes and your safety. Here at Khanna Vision Institute we care about your sight, so please give us the chance to make your job and those around you safer. 

See clearly without glasses or contacts

Glasses become a way of life. It can be a serious burden, remembering to carry glasses consistently, or change contact lenses. Having to buy new contacts each month, or trying to wear glasses with such a demanding career, will only

get in the way of being the best you can be.

Cops Lasik helps you see best for every occasion 

With vision correction, you are able to enjoy your life both on and off duty. Whether you are preparing for a court appearance, on duty, or enjoying a day with friends and family. Vision correction can implement immeasurable positive changes in your life. 

See better at night and in dim conditions

Many individuals of all ages, suffer from poor night vision. With vision correction provided by Khanna Vision Institute., you are able to reduce and instantaneously diminish the appearance of halos, glare, and poor night vision. 

A testimonial by a officer patient of ours.

See All the Value your colleagues got

 6 examples of police officers benifitting from vision enhancing procedures 
Undercover Cop

Don't blow your cover, disguises are unlimited. Forget about dependence on glasses. 

FBI Agent

​Stop, collaborate, and listen 

Highway patrol officer

See the speeding car, before they see you. 


​Crime Scene investigations can be more thorough, don't miss a single   clue 

Juvenile Justice Reform

​Working with troubled teens can be taxing , alleviate one more worry in your life, by getting your vision corrected 

SWAT officer

Train at your potential, and protect the public. 

About Lasik Eye Surgeon Dr. Rajesh Khanna

You have come to the right place. Dr. Rajesh Khanna specializes in over 27 refractive eye procedures, with twenty plus years of experience, copious accolades, and credentials, Dr. Khanna has been voted as the best Lasik surgeon, ophthalmologist and Lasik doctor by countless publications. 

​Here at Khanna Vision Institute we strive to not only help the world see, but to create a comfortable and pleasureful experience for all of our Patients. For each of our patients we create a customized plan to help your vision.

What Our Patrolling Patients are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Freedom from Glasses is life changing:

"When I first met Dr. Khanna for my consult, Three pairs of glasses where strapped to my neck. A year later I'm glasses free! I have new vision, new life, and a new girlfriend.Life is good!"

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Being able to see at night is a riot:

"I had the responsibility of managing riots that had occurred in Los Angeles. At night, reliance on readers hampered my job and debilitated my ability to perform. I was fortunate to have obtained restore lens implants by Dr Khanna. Now I can see possible suspects clearly and anticipate their actions before they occur." 

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Don't let your eyes give you away:

"I work undercover in another country (Columbia).  I was in my late forties, pretending to be in my 30's. My naturally aging vision at close to 50 years of age was a problem when I had to read something. This could have seriously blown my cover. Thanks to an advanced procedure with Khanna Vision my eyes have improved remarkably. 


Which procedure is Right for You?

Each cop is unique. Their requirements are different. We offer personalized vision enhancing procedures.

LASIK Eye Surgery

  • For police officers under 45 years
  • Low to moderate nearsightedness
  • Fixing astigmatism
  • Both eyes at once 


  • Presbyopic refractive lense implantation or PIE 
  • Recommened for patients 45 years of age and above 
  • Prevents the future development of cataracts
  • Allows patients to see near, middle, and distance without the use of glasses
  • As an alternative to Lasik, ICL is a phakic implant that can correct nearsightedness  
  • Faster recovery than antiquated RK procedure
  • Good option, for individuals that are not a candidate for Lasik
  • Recommended for patients 21- 45 years of age  

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With your new vision, you will see the world so much clearer. New sight will not only help you with your career, also improve your personal life and all of your life experiences. 

This is how easily You’ll afford 

the procedure

Financing options available 

Wells Fargo and Care Credit no interest financing  

Insurance: most PPO's accepted 

Ask about our First Responder Discount 

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