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Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome

Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, California

As our reliance on screen-based technologies increases, computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a growing problem. Sitting in front of a computer screen for an extended period of time can cause significant eye strain, headaches, burning eyes, muscle stiffness, and other problems. Unfortunately, heavy computer work is impossible to avoid for most students, employees with desk jobs, and many other people in our modern society.


What Causes Computer Vision Syndrome?

When you view a computer screen, your eyes are often working harder than usual to focus. Reading on a computer screen is different than reading a printed page: letters are not as sharply defined or precise, and the level of contrast is reduced. Also, the glare from the computer screen can make symptoms worse after long hours of work.

If you have uncorrected vision problems, CVS can be even more problematic and painful. However, even people with an updated glasses or contact lens prescription may have trouble avoiding strain because of the intermediate viewing distance of a computer screen.

Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Some of the most common symptoms of CVS include:

These symptoms can be caused by an improper viewing distance, poor lighting, reflections or glare on the computer screen, poor posture, or uncorrected vision problems.

Visual Ergonomics

One of the best ways you can limit the impact of computer vision syndrome is by designing your workplace to ensure the least amount of stress possible on your eyes. Below are some tips and principles to follow to help reduce CVS:

  • Make sure your computer monitor is at or just below your eye level.
  • Adjust your display to help prevent reflections, glare, and any outdoor lighting from interfering with the screen.
  • If you are working with a printed page, use a document holder that displays it at the same height and distance as your computer screen.
  • If you wear bifocals for computer work, have your screen adjusted so it can be viewed without needing to tilt your head.

If you are still having trouble comfortably reading your computer screen, you may want to consider buying computer glasses, which are designed to provide excellent intermediate vision, and use a special coating on the lenses to reduce glare.

If you are experiencing significant eye strain, headaches, and other CVS symptoms, we can help. Please contact The Khanna Institute today or call (888) 339-8143 to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with our experienced Los Angeles ophthalmologist Dr. Rajesh Khanna. We serve patients in Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, California.