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Choosing A LASIK Surgeon in Orange County

Questions to Ask Your California LASIK Surgeon

So you’re thinking about LASIK, but you’re not sure where to start. We’ve put together some tips on choosing a LASIK provider that can meet all your needs and gain your complete trust. Make sure you feel comfortable with the doctor and staff. Ask about training and experience. Find out if they offer the latest LASIK technology. Ask around your community and try to find friends of family members who’ve had the procedure. Ask around about a doctor or LASIK center’s reputation.

“I am so happy about the wonderful results of my Lasik eye surgery. I can see so great. No more contacts or glasses. Thank you so much.”

– Joan Mazon (U.S. Postal Worker)

Make your own list of specific questions to ask the eye doctor and staff during your initial consultation. If you are not completely comfortable or clear about the answers, you may want to try another provider. Use the following questions as a guide for finding the information you need to make your LASIK decision.

  • How many procedures has your doctor performed?
  • What training has your doctor received?
  • Is the LASIK surgeon certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology?
  • What LASIK technology do you use?
  • Do you have the most modern, safety-tested equipment?
  • What type of laser do you use?
  • Is your laser FDA approved?
  • Does the doctor perform the pre and post op exams in addition to the surgery?
  • Do you offer Custom LASIK?
  • Is your staff well-trained and aware of the latest LASIK technology?
  • Does your staff go out of their way to gain a patient’s trust?
  • How is cleanliness and sterility promoted?
  • Do you offer a variety of financing options?
  • Are enhancements included in the price of LASIK?
  • What kind of results can I expect from the LASIK procedure?
  • Are patient testimonials available?


Grading System for selecting a LASIK Surgeon


S. No
1. Fellowship Certified at a University 90
2. Done more than a 1000 procedures 40
3. Only The latest generation of LASERS
Used in all patients
4. Active tracker employed 20
5. Will not retire in the next 5 years 20
6. Custom Flaps 30
7. Wavefront LASIK 10
8. Powder Free Gloves 10
9. New Blade on every eye 10
10. Post op Exam by Surgeon 20
  Total 300


250-300 Trust your eyes
200-250 Seek second opinion
<200 Seek another surgeon


Find answers to all your LASIK questions. Call or email the Khanna Institute of LASIK at one of our California offices and let us win your trust.