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Newsweek Showcase Leaders in Laser eye surgery

Voted “A Leader in Laser Eye Surgery” by Newsweek Magazine

Voted “Top Doc” in Newsweek
15 Leaders in Laser Eye Surgery

Voted “Top Doc” in Newsweeks

Showcase 2011

Dr. Khanna was one of 15 doctors featured in the October 24, 2011 Newsweek Magazine showcase 15 Leaders: Leaders in Laser Eye Surgery. All fifteen doctors are board certified ophthalmologists and nationally recognized for their commitment to excellence in vision correction surgery. The showcase highlights Dr. Rajesh Khanna as a “Leader in Laser Eye Surgery” and labeled him as one of the top 15 eye surgeons across the United States. The goal of this showcase was to help people not just choose any Lasik surgeon but the most trusted Lasik surgeon in U.S. This Lasik ranking system was bard on methodology by the research company and as you can see among them was Beverly Hills Lasik surgeon Dr. Rajesh Khanna.  “I have always performed the best Lasik eye surgery. It’s a moment of pride to be featured as one of the best Lasik surgeons in the United States,” says Dr. khanna.

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