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What Causes Presbyopia?

What Causes Presbyopia?

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Presbyopia is an age-related eye disorder that everyone will experience as they grow older. Over time, your eye’s natural lenses become less flexible, which limits their ability to focus on near objects. Presbyopia is the reason why people in their 40s and beyond need bifocals or reading glasses in order to see close objects clearly.

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Understanding Your Eye’s Natural Lens

Your eye uses two main structures in order to focus light: your cornea, and your lens. Your cornea does about 60% of the focusing work, while your lens fine-tunes the image, doing the remaining 40% of the work.

The cornea’s curvature is fixed; it cannot be altered (unless you undergo LASIK eye surgery). In contrast, your lens is flexible and changes its curvature depending on how close the object you are focusing on is. For example, the lens becomes steeper when you are focused on a near object, and flatter when you are focused on a distant object.


What Happens to the Lens With Age?

Around the age of 40, your lens starts to become less flexible. Ophthalmologists currently have multiple theories as to why this happens. A prevailing theory is that the proteins in your lens change with age, making the lens harder and less able to respond to the contraction of your eye’s ciliary muscle – which is what steepens the lens to allow clear near vision.

Another theory is that the ciliary muscle itself weakens with age, losing its ability to effectively contract the lens. It is also possible that both of these problems – the ciliary muscle weakening, and the lens hardening – occur at the same time.

Los Angeles Presbyopia Treatment

Today, there are many different presbyopia treatments available to restore clear near vision:

  • Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) – This procedure is designed to steepen the cornea, helping compensate for the reduced steepness in your aging lens.
  • Presbyopic Lens Exchange (PRELEX) – Your aging natural lens is removed and replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL) to provide clear vision at all distances. This procedure is very similar to cataract surgery.
  • Monovision with LASIK – One eye is corrected for near vision, and the other is corrected for distance vision (or left alone).

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