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Blended Vision

Monovision and Blended Vision in Patients with Presbyopia
Serving Los Angeles, California and Surrounding Communities
Monovision is a refractive surgery technique designed to improve vision by correcting one eye for distance and leaving the other slightly nearsighted. This technique allows the patient to see close objects clearly with one eye and distance objects clearly with the other eye.
Before committing to having the monovision procedure, you can try the monovision view by wearing specially designed contacts.
Blended LASIK vision correction is an innovation of Rajesh Khanna, MD. It is specifically designed by Dr. Khanna for people over 40 who are intolerant of Monovision. Blended vision gives distance and intermediate vision with some reading ability. The patient can still wear drug store magnifiers for better vision.
Presbyopia: When the lens in the eye loses flexibility because of age. Most people over age 40 will eventually develop Presbyopia.
Patients over 40 who have presbyopia can choose the monovision procedure to reduce or eliminate the need for bifocals or reading glasses.

Invention of LASIK

Lasik is finally Invented

You may have read in many websites that your local LASIk doctor invented Lasik Surgery. This claim may be equated to a former presidential candidate claiming to have invented the internet. Lets give credit where its due. To the Geek, I mean the Greek- Ionis Pallikaris.(In greek it probably means I am going to be rich)

Well you know the jocks. They could not let the dorks win so they came up with LASEK,than epi Lasik(soon there will be underlasik, than behind LASIK and than wonderLASIK).

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