Haze after PRK

Haze after PRK leads to Struggling with computer

Could it be you have developed haze after PRK?

Here isI have a patient 32 yo WM.  Rx OD -11.50 -2.50 x 180 OS -12.00 -2.50 x 180.  He had PRK with MMC on 5/15 and did well.  He was seen at his 3 month vist VA was 20/20 each eye OD -.25 OS +.50.
Here is an example of a patient Dr. Khanna was consulted on
He came in a few days ago complaining that his vision was suddenly getting worse.  He was aware that there was potential for regression and retreatment.  VA was OD 20/200 PH 20/50 OS 20/30.  Refraction was OD -2.00 20/30 OS -.75 20/20.  He had developed  haze OD>OS photos attached.  I was wondering if you had thoughts on management of this case.

One of the reasons of haze occurring is due to dry eyes. This condition can be exacerbated by warm climate of southern california like we find in los angeles and ventura counties.
As a Beverly Hills lasik surgeon with experience in PRK our institute comes across such cases. Better surgical techniques like superlasik, early management of dry eyes and avoiding excessive commuter use have proven to be helpful.Haze after prk, is an unfortunate problem. It is best to avoid. If present proper management can lead to great vision.
By Rajesh Khanna, MD