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Neuroplasticity and Neuroadaptation: How Brain Adjusts to Age and Environmental Changes

  • 6 min read

Learn more about neuroadaptation and the brain’s capacity for plasticity with this article. Through an exploration of the processes of neuroadaptation, discover how the brain can adapt to various stimuli, changes in the environment, and even injury. Find out what areas of the brain are involved in neuroadaptation, as well as its role in presbyopic implant surgery. Plus, learn more about the concept of neuroplasticity and its relevance to age and learning.

I wish I could see my mothers face

  • 3 min read

Transform your vision like Brawley. Expert care at Khanna Vision Institute in Arcadia, CA. Life-changing results.

Crystalens® Questions

  • 4 min read

Frequently asked questions about Crystalens®: Answers from experts in vision care.