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Prnayama Works to decrease fear in Lasik and Eye surgeries

Prnayama Works to decrease fear in Lasik and Eye surgeries

Prnyama works  to help relieve anxiety in general. We have found that is especially useful before nerve racking surgical procedures. For those of our readers who are unfamiliar with what is prnayama or pranayama let us go over basic concepts of Yoga.

Yoga is ancient Indian art of improving our mental physical and spiritual health. It was neglected for thousands of years till America discovered its virtues. University based experiments were able to document the benefits of Yoga to reduce Blood pressure and stress based disease.

Yoga relies on pranayama or deep breathing exercises. There are two reasons for it. In line with western medicine the inhaled oxygen is increased with deep breathing. As you may already know oxygen is necessary for our cells to live. Another reason for relying on deep breathing is a spiritual one. IF the creator needs to send us messages the breath is the best route. Everything we eat or come in contact with gets altered before reaching the cells. Breath is delivered pure to all cells including those of the brain.

Armed with knowledge, we at Khanna Vision institute tried this time tested technique on a young adult seeking Lasik eye surgery

Prnayama Works to decrease fear in Lasik and Eye surgeries
This young gentelman had had Road Traffic Accident with brain injury. He did not want to take any additional drugs but was claustrophobic. Rajesh Khanna, MD used deep breathing technique of Prnayama, and his melodious voice to relax him. Before taking him into the Lasik suite Dr.Khanna taught him how to deep breathe and visualize his breath. Dr. K told him to see incoming breath as cool purple color and outgoing breath as green.

Our young patient was pretty enthusiastic with this idea. he also loved the personalized touch. Once inside the laser suite he started with pranayama. After his eye was cleaned and draped he continued with the process. A word of caution: He was instructed to pause when under the laser. We do not want breath to condense on the optics of the advanced laser.

Thus LASIK was performed successfully. The smile tells it all.

Prnayama Works

If you are contemplating an eye procedure but are anxious, come and see us. If for some reason you cannot have your eye surgeon contact us to learn this art. In the meantime start practicing this cost free method to improve your physical and mental health.

New vision processing research is reported

Allegretto 500 Laser

Allegretto 500 or WaveLight EX500:

Allegretto 500 laser is also called Wavelight Ex 500 Laser.Allegretto 500 laser eye surgery is a procedure that makes use of Allegretto WaveLight EX500 Excimer laser, which is one of the world’s fastest and latest laser today.

Technical facts regarding the Allegretto 500 Laser

  • It is the only Excimer laser of its kind that operates at 500Hz
  • The system is the fastest femtosecond laser in the United States, having a 6 second flap creation time.
  • The swivel bed that comes with the system is specially designed to help in laser procedures and time optimization.

What makes the Allegretto 500 laser different?

Allegretto 500 Laser in Los Angeles

Allegretto 500 Hz fast Laser

The Allegretto EX500 laser is considered to be one of the most advanced equipment when it comes to laser eye surgery. Here are some of the unique perks that come with the use of Allegretto 500:

  • The ablation speed of 500Hz, 1.4 seconds per dioptre is great for treating mixed astigmatism and hyperopes.
  • Faster laser heads also mean less stromal dehydration, less sensitivity to the movement of patients and an overall more comfortable procedure.
  • Connectivity with other Alcon/WaveLight instruments means less time and effort to enter data before the procedure.
  • Fine adjustments of 0.01-D increments makes it possible for patients to get closer to 20/20 vision
  • Laser allows for intraoperative, non-contact pachymetry so there is less risk for ectasia
  • The unique tracking system prevents cyclotorsion and ensures that the eye is in the right alignment.
  • Allegretto technology has a different approach to corneal sculpting. Using the proprietary nomograms, the cornea is treated centrally to produce normal curvature instead of the usual oblate shape in other laser systems that create glare or halos at night.
  • The small diameter laser beam (spot size) can treat people with larger pupils and those with higher prescriptions.
  • The enhanced beam path technology is energy and cost efficient; and yields improved ablation and less thermal effects on the cornea
  • The new technology of the Allegretto 500 has been found to be better as well as safer for those with higher prescriptions, a condition which has been deemed risky in the past.
  • The speed and ease of the procedure can also mean quicker recovery time, depending on the patient’s eye condition before surgery.

Is the Allegretto 500 laser FDA approved?

Yes. The Allegretto EX500 laser is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The Allegretto laser system has held the FDA approval since October 2003 and it is quite a feat since it is not often that an Excimer laser gets approved right away.

Where can I get Allegretto 500 laser eye surgery procedure?

Procedures making use of the Allegretto 500 is widely available in the United States. If you are particularly interested to avail of this cutting edge system, simply ask your eye surgeon about it. It is important to note that the Allegretto 500 laser eye surgery procedure is only conducted after the physician determines the patient’s fitness for the surgery. It is also necessary to make sure to have the procedure done only by a registered physician.

Pamela Anderson bestowed title of Lady

Pamela Anderson bestowed title of Lady

Breaking News. Monday evening at Hotel Bel Air, Beverly Hills. A great event occurred on October 20th 2014. Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame was bestowed the title of Lady. This was in honor of the amazing work she has done to save the whales. “I was at the frontline at Faroe Islands. We were able to bring the number of whales slaughtered from around 30,000 to 35” spoke Pamela passionately.

Lady Pamela Anderson was born in Ladysmith! The stars destined her to become a star and a lady. She got her break in Home Improvement and who can forget her in Baywatch?

Pamela Anderson Foundation  wants to avoid the herd mentality. “It strives to give a voice to the animals who are unable to speak. We are all interconnected and are one with the earth.” spoke an emotional Lady Pamela.

Hollywood actress of Baywatch fame- Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson of Baywatch and Rajesh Khanna, MD

The event was attended by her husband and handsome son. The ever smiling Sam Simon, Co-creator of Simpsons livened up the gathering.The positive energy emanating at the gathering was testament to the  spirt and belief of Pamela Anderson.

This was the introduction given by Los Angeles Lasik Surgeon Rajesh Khanna, MD

Hello, my name is Dr. Rajesh Khanna, I would like to welcome all of you to the Montenegro Knighting Ceremony for Lady Pamela Anderson, Baroness Lily Moore, and Baron Sir Steven Moore.Officiating the Knighting Ceremony today on behalf of Prince Stephan “Chi-ne-tik”, is Sir Linjie Chou-Zanadu.

We will first hear from Baron Sir Steven Moore on behalf of Baroness Lily and himself. I am a client and personal friend of Steven and Lily. I have seen both of them over the years tirelessly contribute to more charities than I can count. In addition to their own contributions, they have encouraged me and their client base to contribute as well. He will be followed by Lady Pamela Anderson.

Lady Pamela will be honored tonight for her extensive work in saving the whales and other wildlife. Additionally Lady Pamela heads up the Pamela Anderson Foundation, which does so much for the community.

We will then hear from Sir Linjie Chou-Zanadu, on behalf of  Prince Stephan “Chi-ne-tik” who will explain all about Knighting and what it entails.

Following the comments, Sir  Linjie Chou-Zanadu will officiate the Knighting Ceremony.

After the Knighting Ceremony, each table, one at a time will be welcome to meet, greet, and take photos with Sir Linjie, Lady Pamela, Baroness Lily, and Baron Sir Steven Moore.

We would like to thank the media that is here to cover today’s Knighting Ceremony.

Pamela Anderson of Pamela Anderson Foundation

Sir Linjie Chou-Zanadu, Lady Pamela Anderson


Thank you.

Rajesh Khanna

Windmill Technique – Latest Cataract Surgery Method

Windmill Technique – Latest Cataract Surgery Method

We know that phakoemusification or cataract surgery using ultrasound is constantly evolving. This is done with an eye towards safety. as cataract surgery has evolved it has decreased occurrence of problems. The incidence of infections has been the most important chapter in modern cataract surgery. Decrease in breaking of the posterior capsule of the lens bad has been a feather in the cap of top cataract surgeons.

Windmill technique: This new technique has been published in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in 2014. The authors display a new safer method of lens removal using minimal energy. They employed an Infiniti Ozil apparatus system. Instead of first breaking the centre part of the lens into multiple pieces they go after the soft part first. They churn the softer outer part utilizing oscillations of hand piece. Than they liquify the central hard part of the lens. This avoids the sound energy traditionally used. It also has the advantage of working away from the cornea. Windmill Technique – Latest Cataract Surgery Method, also prevents small pieces of lens from flying around and keeps a safe distance from the posterior capsule.


Alcon Infinity Ozil Cataract Surgery System

Alcon Infinity Ozil Cataract Surgery System

Windmill Technique – Latest Cataract Surgery Method works best with softer lens- Grade 1 and Grade 2 .You may be aware that cataracts are graded based on their firmness from Grade 1 to Grade 5. Grade 5 being the hardest thickest lenses. They may be white, red or even black in color. Grade 1 are the softest and usually grey or white.

It is a good idea to discuss with your cataract surgeon the various types of latest techniques he is skilled in. There is no harm in seeking a cataract surgeon who knows various approaches to eliminate the cataracts.

Dense cataract

Advanced Grade 4 Cataract

By Rajesh Khanna, MD

For further information or if you have any questions please contact

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Floaters after Femtosecond laser lasik eye surgery

Kurt Yaeger with Lasik Surgeon Dr Rajesh Khanna

Actor Kurt Yaeger with Lasik Surgeon Dr Rajesh Khanna

Many people in Los Angeles complain about floaters. Hollywood Lasik Surgeon says that these floaters can be bothersome. Does lasik eye surgery done with intralase or other femtosecond lasers induce these floaters ? This question was posed by French ophthalmologists Gavrilov, MD and Dr. Borderie. They did ultrasound B scans after lasik eye surgery performed in Paris, France. They performed this test on 31 eyes of 18 patients.

They wanted to see if they could pick up a low echogenic membrane partially or completely separated from the retina. This is termed as posterior vitreous detachment. It is different than Retinal Detachment.

They found the incidence of Floaters after Femtosecond laser lasik eye surgery is the same as that of floaters after microkeratome lasik eye surgery. There is less vacuum used in femtosecond laser to stabilize the eye. It still may cause floaters.

Floaters after Femtosecond laser lasik eye surgery may occur and you should be aware of that. You should discuss all side effects with a knowledgeable lasik eye surgeon.

By Rajesh Khanna, MD