Rajesh Khanna, MD Lasik Surgery Leader


Rajesh Khanna, MD has been a choice for thousands of Los Angeles residents seeking to improve their vision. As you can read in the multiple 5 star reviews patents refer their friends and family to him for the following reasons.

Rajesh Khanna MD Voted Top Lasik Doc Multiple times

La Daily news leaser declared him to be their Lasik surgeon of choice. This vote was confirmed by readers of Ventura County Star. Than Newsweek showcase selected Dr.Khanna as top 15 leaders in laser vision correction surgery. In 2017 he was awarded the Top 10 Corrective eye surgeons. Sam year he was also bestowed  the title of Knight By Prince of Montenegro.

Fellowship Trained in Cornea and Refractive Surgery at University of Cincinnati

One of the best places to acquire surgical skills. University based teaching in the United States is what everyone dreams of. At the University of Cincinnati he trained for sixteen months in the art and science of Refractive surgery. At SUNY New York he received training in Neuropthamology. Now after learning so much he wishes share his expertise by training a new generation of ophthalmology surgeons at UCLA.

Rajesh Khanna MD, a certified Master of Surgery.

This award was bestowed on Rajesh Khanna MD by the University of Bombay. He specializes in only the most advanced Lasik procedures such as laser wavefront, advanced surface, multi focal lenses, refractive lens exchange and refractive cataract.

Latest technology is at his offices and surgery centers

In Rajesh Khanna MD’s office one can find only the latest and greatest, FDA approved instruments for the Lasik procedures. Dr Khanna, has offices in Westlake Village and Beverly Hills. .As technology advances, so does Dr. Khanna. He is constantly perfecting his procedures with the safest and most current instruments around. The patient’s reassurance can come from knowing that he is always updating and perfecting himself in the areas that mean the most to him, and that is the patient’s safety and the precision of the procedures he performs.
A journalist once asked Dr. Khanna what he would do if he had Bill Gate’s money. Dr. Khanna replied he would still do LASIK surgery but open more centers around the world to help people reach their full visual potential. Such is the passion which has driven him to complete two residencies in Ophthalmology and two fellowships.  He is also on the medical staff for Community Memorial Hospital and Los Robles Hospital.

Sharp vision and steady hands

Steady eye, hand coordination are essential in refractive surgery, so to make sure his hands are always steady and ready Dr. Khanna is involved in some sports such as field hockey and tennis. Practicing these sports help him to maintain his steady hands and his light touch surgical techniques. Everybody, every lifestyle is unique. To Dr. Khanna creating the best possible vision for each lifestyle is important. Every patient is treated like a star. Perhaps that is why so many stars themselves have come to Dr. Khanna.

Rajesh Khanna MD is a miracle worker- Monique Gibbs

Dr. Khanna knows you can choose any LASIK surgeon in Los Angeles so he appreciates his patients, and enjoys the fact that he is helping you see better. You will be happy with your choice. He has personally performed thousands of vision correction surgeries since 1991. More important than numbers however, is quality and results. Your happiness is Dr, Khanna’s goal and he feels his work is not done until you are satisfied. Dr. Khanna’s skills just don’t benefit LASIK patients but others as well. He also specializes in multifocal lenses, refractive lens exchange and refractive cataract.

Many magazines have feature Rajesh Khanna, MD on their front cover

Rajesh Khanna, MD is sought after contributor to newspapers, online magazines and other media outlets. has been quoted in various magazines and has been interviewed for radio as well as other printed materials. Word of his skill and composure have gotten around and everybody from movie stars, radio personalities, doctors and more have come to have surgery with Dr. Khanna. He is backed by other doctors from around the globe and has received many International Honors for his work in vision care. Dr. Khanna is a current member of the UCLA voluntary faculty, where he shares his surgical skills and expertise in the safest and most effective forms of refractive surgery with a new generation of ophthalmic surgeons. He is also an active member of the top ophthalmology organizations including the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.
Above everything else safety remains his number one concern that is why he personally examines all his patients to rule out any thing that could complicate the LASIK procedure or be damaging to the patient’s eyes. In his quest for safety he has stumbled into a new procedure that is safer and more accurate. Super LASIK, LASIK of the 21st surgery is for those who may not qualify for wavefront LASIK, and results with this new procedure are outstanding and safer than LASIK. Come and see Dr. Khanna and together you can work out a plan that’s right for you. In the end patients are so happy and moved by this experience and their new clear vision that they refer Dr. Khanna to all their friends and family. Other patients of his even include his own staff. When dealing with Dr. Khanna you can expect only the best. He is driven by the need to make sure that the patient and the procedure they will face is safe and free from any pain. Rajesh Khanna, MD  has completed school in India and in the United States as well as performing thousands of surgeries since 1991. It is with such extensive training and the repetition of his craft that he finds his confidence and where you, the patient, find comfort.

Choosing a LASIK Surgeon in Los Angeles

FDA approves iDesign Lasik for mixed astigmatism

Breaking News Jan 11 2017 – Mixed Astigmatism meets its match

FDA approves iDesign Lasik for mixed astigmatism. Mixed astigmatism is the most problematic of refractive disorders. The two curvatures are are unequal. Thier relationship with the length of the eye causes one curvature to be farsighted and the other to be nearsighted. With the iDesign wavescan studio system, doctors can map the most extensive visual path of the eye. This helps in generating a very accurate ma of the problems in eye which the laser can than fix.

Symptoms of mixed astigmatism

You may not even realize you are suffering from mixed astigmatism. A person with defect of the eye is not able to see sharp inspite of glasses. The vision can fluctuate. Contact lens slip and fall off. With blinking contacts can move and make vision blurry. You may even have redness of eyes requiring visine. Headaches may be a symptom.Many patients suffer through life. Some have been turned doen for lasik eye surgery previously as laser were not adept at getting good results with this anamoly.

Free Screening for mixed astigmatism.

We at Khanan Vision Institute want to help you in your battle against mixed astigmatism. We are offering a free analysis of your eyes on the idesign wavescan studio. The best part is you even get to take your idesign waveprints home. Call (310) 482 1240 to schedule your consult.

In the FDA approved clinical study of the idesign lasik eye surgery, 91.9% of 149 eyes reached uncorrected visual acuity of 20/20 or better without glasses at 3 months after surgery. Of interest was the fact that the eyes were stable at three months.

FDA approves iDesign Lasik for mixed astigmatism

Rajesh Khanna MD opines this approval is a giant leap in the accuracy for this complicated disease. He is one of the handful of lasik doctors in Los Angeles and Ventura counties offering this new safer lasik technology.

Dr Rajesh Khanna

Dr Rajesh Khanna is an accomplished lasik eye surgeon based in Beverly Hills. Many people travel hundreds of miles to come and have their vision improved by this los Angeles laser eye surgeon.Lets us look at the qualities which attract thousands of patients to this magnificent eye MD.

Dr Rajesh Khanna

Training of Dr Rajesh Khanna:

Dr Khanna received his training from the top medical institutions. He was amongst the top in his class. He was the President and valedectorian  at his high school. HE skipped college to enter medical school. He did his first ophthalmic residency in King Edward Memorial Hospital. This was followed by another residency in SUNY Downstate Brooklyn.

Experience of Dr Rajesh Khanna:

Dr.K as he is often  referred to, has helped thousands of people improve their sight. He has been operating on eyes since 1990. Yes! He implanted his first multifocal lens in 1992. He treats patients like family. So he had no hesitation in operation on his mom and son.

Fellowships: Dr Rajesh Khanna has done specialized training in Corneal and Lasik Eye Surgery. This was followed by training in neuropththalmology. This unique training allows him to have a unique perspective of refractive surgery an vision.

Certifications: Where should we start. This cutting edge doc keeps receiving new certifications every few months. He is certified on numerous lasers – Summit, Visx, Nidek, Ladarvision, Allegretto, Lensx and Catalys.

Sportsman: An avid swimmer and hiker. He is best known for being a goal scorer in field hockey

Philanthropist: Helping the less fortunate in our community  is  his passion.

Radio Host: This wonderful doc has hosted talk shows in English and Spanish

Author: The contact Lens Manual, The Miracle of Pi in Eye,

Newspaper Columnist: Every month people await his column Aye Eye Doc.

Developer of top rated apps : #1 app on Keratoconus on google play store.

Call his office at 805 230 2126 now!


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Things to Avoid After Lasik Eye Surgery Treatment

Things to Avoid After Lasik Eye Surgery

See a testimonial from a Lasik patient who has 20/20 after Lasik surgery with Dr. Khanna from the Khanna Institute of Lasik and Refractive Surgery.

Lasik eye surgery proves to give a person a permanent corrected vision and this is why more people want to try this recent advancement. It is also known as the painless and safest procedure. However, there are some limitations as to what you can do right after having the treatment.

Things to Avoid After Lasik Eye Surgery

· Staring at Bright Lights
The patients of Lasik eye surgery will be given dark sunglasses just to dim the light he or she can see. This is because you should have a gentle view of the surroundings and this is also to prevent you from scratching your eyes.

· Driving
One is not allowed to drive since the patient still needs to depend on other people after a few days or weeks or as long as the healing process is happening. Not being permitted to drive also prevents your eyes from having tiny debris such as dust.

· Applying Cosmetics
Cosmetics may infect the eyes so it must thoroughly be avoided. Otherwise, the healing process will not be completed successfully. Cosmetics include false eyelashes. The only allowed cosmetic is the eye drops since it helps in keeping your eyes moisturized.

· Exercising
Though exercising has no direct effect to the eyes of a patient having Lasik eye surgery treatment, physicians still prohibit doing routines as a precautionary measure. It is recommended that physical fitness must only be done after a month of having the treatment. The patient must rest most of the time and must not take long in front of the television and computers.

· Drinking Alcohol
Alcohol can halt the effects of any type of medication taken by a person so it must be avoided as well after having Lasik eye surgery.

· Taking a Bath in a Shower
It is advisable that no water shall enter the eyes for the first few days after the treatment so taking a bath with a shower must be avoided. However, one can wear goggles as an eye protection.

All types of surgery surely have do’s and dont’s and knowing the things above Things to Avoid After Lasik Eye Surgery can help you make your treatment successful.


By Rajesh Khanna, MD

Lasik Vision Expert and Host of Hangout with Laserman

Hollywood Laserman Police Officers and the Police Academy

Laserman and the Police Academy

Lasik Eye Surgery helping the Police force keep our cities safe



Cadet Williams stepped up and took his seat in the doctor’s chair. He was nervous. He was pretty sure he didn’t need eye surgery. His vision with glasses was 20/20 last year.

Laserman stepped up and shined a light in Cadet Williams’ eye.


Cadet Williams blinked. Laserman flashed a light in his other eye.


After the exam, Cadet Williams stood and straightened out his uniform. He waited for the doctor to say something, but Laserman was simply making notes in his journal, not saying a word. Finally, Cadet Williams couldn’t stand the silence any longer.


Laserman turned around and saw the cadet standing with his arms crossed.

“Well, what?”

“Did I pass?”

“Yes, you did. Be here next week for the surgery.”


“Yes,” Laserman cleared his throat. “Lasik eye surgery.”

“But you said I passed the exam.”

“You did. Everyone with Astigmatism gets the Laser eye surgery.”

Cadet Williams stuttered. He didn’t understand why he needed surgery if his eyesight was good.

“I’m just going to reshape your eyes slightly. Since we’ve been performing this operation on new officers, we’ve seen a decrease in crime by twenty-five percent. Officers are better equipped to handle the challenges of police work. They respond faster, see more while on duty, and the citizens are safer as a result.”

Cadet Williams couldn’t believe his ears. He walked away scratching his head. When he entered the doctor’s waiting room lobby he noticed all the other cadets waiting patiently for their exam. He saw his friend Cadet Plantain. He walked over and took a seat next to Cadet Plantain.

“I’ve got to have Lasik eye surgery,” he said.

Cadet Plantain looked up from the magazine he was reading.

“I know. My brother did this last year. He said he’s fifteen percent more responsive since he had it done.”



On his way home from the doctor’s office, Cadet Williams saw a man snatch a woman’s purse. He stopped his car and ran after the purse snatcher. He chased him for three blocks before the snatcher jumped a fence, dropping the lady’s purse along the way. Cadet William knocked off his glasses while attempting the jump. He stopped to pick his glasses and grabbed the woman’s purse, letting the snatcher get away.

He took the woman’s purse back to her and apologized for not being able to catch thief.

“That’s okay,” she said, fumbling through her purse. “He took my wallet!”

Cadet Williams felt bad that he didn’t catch the purse snatcher. He thought back to what his friend Cadet Plantain had said about improving his brother’s response time after Lasik.

“Maybe I could use a little eye surgery, after all,” he said.

The next day, he arrived for training and went to Laserman’s office. He told the doctor about the incident with the purse snatcher.

“Yes, that was a staged event,” said Laserman. “Ninety-five percent of graduating cadets report catching the purse snatcher after surgery. Only fifty-nine do so before surgery.”

“So when is the surgery taking place,” Cadet Williams asked.

“When we confirm that you’re graduating,” Laserman said.

Cadet Williams smiled at the Lasik doctor. He knew he would be graduating. He left the doctor’s office and went to class, grinning bigger than ever.

This story highlights that lasik eye surgery may be beneficial to detectives, Sherrifs and police officers. It does not mean to portray that cops who have not had laser eye surgery are in anyway inferior. This tale is for educational and entertainment purposes only.


Better Sex After Lasik Eye Surgery

Better Sex After Lasik Eye Surgery

Reported by various lasik candidates who underwent Lasik

This is one such story . All names have been changed to protect privacy. May contain adult content.

You have to above 18 to read on.

Fred rolled over onto his back and wiped his brow with the tip of his fingers.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized to his wife. “I just can’t see.”

“That’s okay,” Melissa said, kissing him on the cheek. “You are still my hero.”

Fred smiled.

“Thanks. But I just can’t get into it with my eyes failing me.”

He rolled over and grabbed his glasses off of the nightstand. He put them on his face and lifted himself up, propping up his pillows so he could sit up in bed.

Being all worked up now for his lack of performance, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to sleep, so he grabbed his book and started to read. In minutes, Melissa was asleep. Fred put the book away and watched her for a few minutes before noticing something at the foot of the bed out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head to look and standing before him was a tall man with a big L on his chest.

He thought for a minute that he was dreaming. He rubbed his eyes.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Laserman,” said the man, “and I’m here to make your eyes better.”

“I think my eyes are fine,” said Fred.

“You didn’t think so a few minutes ago,” said Laserman, raising a finger into the air.

Laserman walked around to the side of the bed on Fred’s side, who flinched and tried to get away but bumped into his sleeping wife. Laserman touched Fred’s eyes with his finger, pulling off the glasses in the process and placing them on the night stand. Instantly, Fred noticed a difference in his vision.

Things started to come into clearer focus. Things that once had been blurry were now clear as day. Objects that appeared to move or bounce within his line of vision stood still.

“You should have no problem making love to your wife now, Fred,” Laserman said.

Fred turned around to thank the man, but when he did Laserman was gone. His wife opened her eyes.

“Who are you talking to?” she asked.

“No one, dear. Let’s make love.”

“Not right now. I’m sleeping.”


Fred crawled under the covers with Melissa and began to play with her woman parts, getting her aroused. To his surprise, she responded the way he wanted. In less than a minute he was enjoying himself, and so was she, fully awake. Afterward, Melissa put a big smile on her face.

“Wow!” she said. “That was a sudden change.”

“I know,” said Fred. “Thanks to Laserman, I can now enjoy all the pleasures of married life.

“Who?” Melissa asked.

Fred caught himself.

“Nevermind,” he said, lying his head on his pillow. In a few short seconds, he was asleep. Three weeks later, he came home from work and Melissa met him at the door with the biggest smile on her face. Fred stopped, wondering what she was up to. Before he enter the front door, Melissa threw her arms around him and kissed his lips.

“I’m expecting,” she said.

Fred’s jaw dropped.


“Yes,” Melissa bounced with joyful expressions. “I took the test today.”

Fred grabbed Melissa’s hand and led her to his car in the garage.

“Time to celebrate,” he said. “And to say thanks to Laserman.”

It is a piece of fiction written with an artistic license. Individual results of lasik eye surgery vary. This article on lasik eye surgery is for informational and entertainment purposes only.

Would you like to know how soon you can have sex after lasik eye surgery?


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Right near rodeo drive in beverly hills

Posh Soccer

The Khanna Institute of LASIK welcomes Beckham and His wife (posh spice girl) to Los angeles. We wish them the best as they settle in their Beverly hills home.






You can see Dr.Khanna spending an afternoon bowling with the La Galaxy team members. Landon Donovan and David Beckham are considered the stars of the team. Some members were hyperopic and would require hyperopic lasik eye surgery.  Los Angeles Galaxy has their home stadium in Carson. On a hot summer day in los angeles the heat can affect the vision. So Vision needs to be the best to shoot the ball in the goal. Top ranked players have been found to have amazing vision.

Los Angeles lasik eye surgery expert Rajesh Khanna, MD says that to be the best player you need to have the best vision possible. This improves brain eye hand and leg coordination. In a split second judgement this proves very beneficial.

Even if you are not residing in carson, los angeles county you can come to have a vision screening and see if we can improve your game.

by Laserman

Rajesh Khanna, MD

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