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Istent glaucoma vision surgery

Istent glaucoma vision surgery

istent glaucoma vision surgery can help your vision. Finally, relief for all those people and relatives suffering Glaucoma. Istent is cutting edge technology providing folks with relief from eye pressure, copays and other costs. The nuisance of putting drops, suffering from the side effects. Money does not grow on trees. So if you can save vision and dollars its a win win situation.

istent glaucoma vision surgery

istent glaucoma vision surgery is glaucoma

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is high pressure in the eye. This pushes on to the optic nerve fibres leading to their destruction. These nerve fibers are responsible for vision. Loosing them leads to defects in the field of vision. The most common cause for the rise in pressure inside the eye is blockage of the drainage channel. With nowhere to exit the fund builds up inside the eye. This is like a blocked drain leading to overflow of the basin.

Glaucoma can be followed for progression. It can be by subjective test like visual field. We have one of the latest windows based machine to help you do this test easily. This latest generation of machine can also track changes in changes in your visual field.

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How does IStent for glaucoma surgery work?

You may have heard of stents for the heart. Like those stents Istent is placed to overcome the blockage by providing an alternate path for flow of the liquid from the eye. Currently this FDA approved device is to be used at time of cataract surgery.A surgical gonioscope is deployed to visualize the angle of the eye. The titanium stent is placed very carefully in the anterior trabecular meshwork. There is no pain involved and no one can see it. Total internal reflection prevents it to be see other than with a gonioscope. It can even be performed with Pi in Eye.

Lets try to save vision one eye at a time.

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iStent for Los Angeles Glaucoma Eye Surgery

iStent for Glaucoma Eye Surgery

iStent for Los Angeles Glaucoma Eye Surgery is answer for patients suffering from glaucoma eye disease. Several Americans suffer from glaucoma, a condition where there is pressure building up behind your eyes. This increased pressure can cause vision loss through the damage of the optic nerves fibers  and it can even result in blindness, if not treated on time. Many a patient use eye drops to combat this problem, but they can be both expensive as well as cumbersome to the patients. In such cases, the iStent for glaucoma eye surgery can be an effective way to combat this problem.

Cataract surgery and glaucoma were two different procedures in the past. However, now they have been combined into one through an FDA approved device called the iStent for glaucoma eye surgery. No, it’s not another phone from the line of Apple phones, but an innovative surgical device implanted in the eye that reduces intraocular pressure. iStent protects the tissue in the eye from being damaged due to pressure. It can be used for rapid recovery of the eyes and allows you to take other treatment options that are inexpensive for preventing the loss of vision.

So, how can you use the iStent?

Before iStent for Los Angeles Glaucoma Eye Surgery

You should continue to use the prescribed eye drops unless and until the doctor asks you to stop. Your surgeon will make a note of all the eye drops you are using, especially if they are blood thinning drops such as Coumadin. Bring along a list of the medicines you are currently using before your iStent operation.

iStent for Los Angeles Glaucoma Eye Surgery

During the iStent for Glaucoma Eye Surgery

The iStent and the cataract procedures are generally performed after administering you with local anesthesia. Your surgeon will initially perform the phacoemulsification procedure on you, if you have any cataract, in order to remove it. The cloudy lens is broken up and removed and in place of it, an artificial intraocular lens is placed. Making use of the same incision, a titanium based iStent for glaucoma eye surgery is placed in the eye by means of a single use, sterilized, preloaded applicator. Your surgeon will then slowly insert the iStent into the trabecular network of your eye and then, push a button in order to release the iStent. This entire procedure takes only about fifteen to twenty minutes in total.

After iStent Glaucoma Eye Surgery 

The insertion of iStent in the eye is usually an outpatient procedure and you can return home the very same day as the operation. Your eye may be covered using an eye shield in order to protect the iStent inside it. You can remove the eye shield the next morning after the procedure. You have to use eye drops for the next four to six weeks at least. It is highly possible that you will be seeing your ophthalmologist the day after your operation to get a list of the eye drops to be used in the coming weeks. The time that would be taken to recover would be quite fast after your surgery. Your ophthalmologist may however recommend that you take at least a week off from your work. The iStent is extremely safe to use and is said to reduce intraocular pressure from anywhere between 2 mm to 8 mm HG, when it is combined with the cataract surgery.iStent for Los Angeles Glaucoma Eye Surgery is covered by medical insurance

Other options for Glaucoma Eye Surgery

Express shunt is another option. It can be done at the time of cataract surgery or as a separate procedure.

by Rajesh Khanna, MD


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