FDA approves iDesign Lasik for mixed astigmatism

Breaking News Jan 11 2017 – Mixed Astigmatism meets its match

FDA approves iDesign Lasik for mixed astigmatism. Mixed astigmatism is the most problematic of refractive disorders. The two curvatures are are unequal. Thier relationship with the length of the eye causes one curvature to be farsighted and the other to be nearsighted. With the iDesign wavescan studio system, doctors can map the most extensive visual path of the eye. This helps in generating a very accurate ma of the problems in eye which the laser can than fix.

Symptoms of mixed astigmatism

You may not even realize you are suffering from mixed astigmatism. A person with defect of the eye is not able to see sharp inspite of glasses. The vision can fluctuate. Contact lens slip and fall off. With blinking contacts can move and make vision blurry. You may even have redness of eyes requiring visine. Headaches may be a symptom.Many patients suffer through life. Some have been turned doen for lasik eye surgery previously as laser were not adept at getting good results with this anamoly.

Free Screening for mixed astigmatism.

We at Khanan Vision Institute want to help you in your battle against mixed astigmatism. We are offering a free analysis of your eyes on the idesign wavescan studio. The best part is you even get to take your idesign waveprints home. Call (310) 482 1240 to schedule your consult.

In the FDA approved clinical study of the idesign lasik eye surgery, 91.9% of 149 eyes reached uncorrected visual acuity of 20/20 or better without glasses at 3 months after surgery. Of interest was the fact that the eyes were stable at three months.

FDA approves iDesign Lasik for mixed astigmatism

Rajesh Khanna MD opines this approval is a giant leap in the accuracy for this complicated disease. He is one of the handful of lasik doctors in Los Angeles and Ventura counties offering this new safer lasik technology.

I hate Contact Lenses and here is why:

I hate contact lenses – redness, irritations, infections bother me. My. last infection almost made me blind!. read on…

One often faces many problems being a contact lens user. Dry eyes, irritation, and blurred vision are just a few of the inconveniences that wearing contact lenses can bring. Not to mention the hassle of having to worry about always carrying an extra pair on you and having to remove them periodically and clean them. Wearing contact lenses eliminates the need for uncomfortable and bulky glasses, but it brings a lot of difficulties as well.

For someone who wears contact lenses, they are constantly reminded that they have a foreign object on their eyes- ouch :(. For a college student or for someone who works in an office setting, staring at a computer screen all day can cause dryness and tiredness. The dryness causes one’s eyes to become red and watery, and can lead to headaches. And the tiredness causes one to have to frequently take a break. Eye drops help in these situations, but they only provide temporary relief. This affects one’s productivity because they are not able to function as well or as effectively as they should be able to.
Another problem which contact lenses bring about is blurred vision. This happens sometimes when the contact lens gets dirty or when it becomes too dry. This can cause much inconvenience and can be dangerous in situations such as driving a vehicle. Imagine having to drive at night with blurry contacts, this can be a great risk and can put your own life and other’s lives in danger. Sometimes taking the contacts out and cleaning them does not even help. One must throw the pair out and get a brand new pair, which can become expensive if the problem keeps reoccurring.
For a contact lens wearer, another worry is always having to have an extra pair of contacts or glasses on them as well as cleaning solution and eye drops. For someone who relies on contacts to be able to see, they cannot take the risk of not being prepared if one of their contacts falls out, or if it becomes too blurry to see, or if their eyes get too dry. Therefore, they always have to carry these items with them. This is an inconvenience for everyday life, not to mention when travelling.
Have you ever played football with contact lenses? Having my contact lenses fly away on a tackle and than not knowing where to run was embarrassing and frustrating.
Contact lenses are supposed to be a more convenient alternative to wearing glasses, but they bring about many problems from dryness to irritation to blurred vision and much more. With all of these problems, wearing contact lenses can be very uncomfortable. Always having to worry about your contact lenses is not a convenient way to live one’s life. For someone who wears contacts, they are always reminded of it and it is a fact they cannot escape. For these reasons, I hate contact lenses! Wish there was a solution… Hmmmm…
Yes there is, LASIK performed by a skilled and well trained surgeon using the safest technology.
I like this piece written by one of our patients
It is interesting that consumers don’t have to sign an informed consent when obtaining contact lens. Even though multiple studies have shown that lasik eye surgery is safer than contact lens.
Rajesh  Khanna, MD

Precautions after Lasik Eye Surgery

What can I expect after having Lasik Eye Surgery?

So, you have gone ahead and had Lasik Eye Surgery. You may be wondering what to expect next. Are there any side effects or precautions you need to look out for or be careful of? We are here to answer all of your questions.

Side effects of Lasik Eye Surgery

After having Lasik Eye Surgery it is common to have some temporary side effects. One side effect is that you might experience some tearing from either one or both of your eyes, and it might switch between the eyes. Your eyes may feel irritated and/or you might feel like there is something in your eye. There might be the occasional appearance of small red spots on the whites of your eyes. You also may experience sensitivity to light and your vision may be a bit hazy on the day of your treatment. These are all common side effects and should not alarm you. If you are experiencing any other side effect or are concerned about any part of your recovery contact your surgeon immediately.


What Precautions should I take after having Lasik Eye Surgery?

Now that your Lasik Eye Surgery is over, there are some precautions we would like to go over with you. As with any surgery, or procedure, there are some steps you need to take to avoid injury or infection. First up, you are going to want to avoid showering or washing your hair until at least the next day. If you do decide to shower the next day you must be careful not to get any water, shampoo, or soap in your eyes for at least a week after surgery. Not that you would normally want any products in your eyes anyway! This just means you have to be extra careful. You will also want to avoid going swimming or using a sauna for at least three weeks after surgery. If you are thinking about getting your hair colored or permed, you must wait at least 10 days after your surgery. You should also avoid wearing any eye makeup for at least a week, and make sure it is clean so you can avoid any bacterial contamination or infection. You have to try not to rub your eyes for at least a month and you must sleep with your eye goggles for at least a week. You can exercise again two days after surgery but make sure to wear eye protection for up to a month after your Lasik Eye Surgery. Keep away from dirty or dusty surroundings for at least a week, and lastly make sure to wear sunglasses when you are outside in the bright sun.


By following these precautions, you will help to ensure a fast and safe recovery from your Lasik Eye Surgery.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a consultation call today 310 482 1240



super lasik eye surgery

If you use corrective lenses or contacts, chances are you’ve heard about Lasik Eye Surgery as a permanent vision correction option for certain candidates. With continued research and technology, ophthalmologists have developed a less invasive procedure called Super Lasik eye surgery. Instead of cutting a flap into part of the deeper, permanent corneal layer, Super Lasik is a “No-Cut” surgery that only opens a flap on the outermost layer of corneal cells, therefore making it a safer option.

Super Lasik can correct most vision conditions caused by a misshapen cornea. Patients with near-sightedness, farsightedness, or an astigmatism are eligible to have their conditions corrected with this quick laser surgery. Even if you’ve been turned down as a candidate for traditional Lasik, you can still be considered for Super Lasik, since it’s less invasive. An ideal candidate for this procedure is over 18 years old, has a stable prescription that doesn’t change more than 1.0 in a year, and has a prescription between -14.0 and +6.0. However, the ultimate decision for candidacy can only be determined in a consultation with an ophthalmologist. 

Super lasik eye surgery Procedure

The actual procedure is very simple and quick, taking between four to six minutes per eye. After numbing the eye with eye drops and marking the cornea with a ring of dye as a reference point, the eye is held open by a retainer and the surgery is ready to begin. Using an epikeratome, a vacuum-like instrument that helps to cut specific points of the cornea, the surgeon gently opens a flap of the outer layer of the cornea and applies a cool beam of light that gently reshapes the cornea, correcting the eye vision conditions specific to each patient. Then the surgeon places back the corneal flap in its original position and the cornea begins to heal immediately. Right after the procedure is finished, the patient takes home a few bottles of medicative eye drops to use for the next few weeks that aid in the healing of the cornea and most patients regain their vision within a day or two. This entire process is painless and has minimal patient discomfort.

super lasik eye surgery

Advantages of Super lasik eye surgery

Super Lasik is a great option for patients ineligible for traditional Lasik or prefer a less invasive, safer procedure and can create permanent 20/20 vision without the discomfort or price of correction lenses and contacts.

Taylor Clarke

Things to Avoid After Having Lasik Eye Surgery Treatment

Lasik eye surgery proves to give a person a permanent corrected vision. This is why more people want to try this recent advancement in vision correction procedure. It is also considered as a painless and safe procedure. However, there are some things to Avoid After Having Lasik Eye Surgery Treatment

Please avoid the following:

· Staring at Bright Lights

The patients of Lasik eye surgery will be given dark sunglasses just to dim the light he or she can see. This is because you should have a gentle view of the surroundings and this is also to prevent you from scratching your eyes.

· Driving

One is not allowed to drive since the patient still needs to depend on other people after a few days or weeks or as long as the healing process is happening. Not being permitted to drive also prevents your eyes from having tiny debris such as dust.

· Applying Cosmetics

Cosmetics may enter under the flap of the eyes, so it must thoroughly be avoided. The healing process will not be completed successfully. Cosmetics include false eyelashes. The only allowed stuff is the eye drops since it helps in keeping your eyes moisturized.

Things to Avoid After Having Lasik Eye Surgery Treatment

More Things to Avoid After Having Lasik Eye Surgery Treatment

· Exercising

Excreting is good for health. It may even speed up recovery. Exercising has no direct effect to the eyes of a patient having Lasik eye surgery treatment. Eye surgeons caution against vigorous exercise. Sweating may cause rubbing and dislocation of the flap. The patient must rest most of the time and must not take long in front of the television and computers.

· Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol can halt the effects of any type of medication taken by a person so it must be avoided as well after having Lasik eye surgery. It may lead to inadvertent rubbing of eyes.

· Taking a Bath in a Shower

It is advisable that no water should enter the eyes for the first few days after Lasik eye surgery. So taking a bath with a shower must be avoided. However, one can wear goggles as an eye protection.

All types of treatment surely have do’s and dont’s and knowing Things to Avoid After Having Lasik Eye Surgery Treatment can help you make your treatment successful.

Please view this video. A Los Angeles lasik patient talks about how his vision is 20/20 after lasik surgery with Dr. Khanna from the Khanna Institute of Lasik and Refractive Surgery.

Lasik and your eyes in Los Angeles, California

Welcome to the discussion on Lasik and your eyes in Los Angeles, California.

Lets say you want to have Lasik and your eyes are dry. There are some special problems related to living in So Cal. It is dry. Even though we are next to an ocean, humidity is low. The tears from eyes evaporate at a fast rate. This causes dry eyes. When it rains you may have noticed the moisture increases. Your eyes become comfortable. That may be an ideal time to have lasik eye surgery.Only if that was not such a rare event. So unpredictable too. You could leave Los Angeles and move away. Easier said than done.

We therefore need to treat dry eyes.

Lasik and your eyes 2016

The current options to treat dry eyes range from the simple to the exotic. Warm compress and lid massage which cost  a few cents. Lipiflow which burns a hole in your pocket. Inexpensive lubricant eye ointment at bedtime. Or the costly restasis eye drops. Humidifiers, Artificial tears fit in between. What about the current rage of nutritional supplements?

Omega 3  fish oil is popular. few years ago the buzz word was flax seed oil. Either way good balanced nutrition is important. Healthy food leads to healthy eyes.

Lasik and Your eyes Actor Rizwan Manji from the television show Outsourced
Actor Rizwan Manji from the television show Outsourced

Lasik Eye surgery – Keep it safe

  1. Cornea. Check the shape. It can be done on color corneal topography
  2. Thickness of Cornea: By ultrasound or optical pachymetry. The thickness is important. The map indicating any thin areas is what is new in 2016.
  3. Lasers. The latest are better. You cannot risk your eyes with obsolete technology.
  4. Surgical experience. Lasik eye surgeons today know more than they did a decade ago. So find a skilled lasik doctor who has been operating for over 10 years and has performed thousands of lasik eye surgeies.

As usual this is for informational purposes

Rajesh Khanna, MD

Beverly Hill Lasik eye surgeon

Prayer and Lasik eye surgery in Los Angeles Times

Prayer and Lasik eye surgery may be correlated. An interesting article  in Los Angeles Times titled Doctors aren’t chaplains generated this thought process.We reviewed this article with trepidation. We dont think doctors should interfere in the patients religious beliefs. Physicians should respect the patients views. Faith and prayer may be encouraged. There is no harm in that. In a cosmopolitan city like Los Angeles there a myriad of people with varying faiths. Each one has their personalized style of praying. It may even be fair to say there are 12 million religions in Los Angeles
We also believe a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and encourage every reader to lead a healthy lifestyle. Exercise. There is no substitution to get those muscles and bones moving. a balanced diet is very important. Cage free range free eggs. Hormone and antibiotics free poultry. Green leafy vegetables will decrease the need for nutritional supplements.

Prayer and Lasik eye surgery in Los Angeles Times
Prayer and Lasik eye surgery

In fact during LASIK , we use meditational techniques to calm the patient, which yields better results.So we are glad the scientists are actually studying the beneficial effects of these techniques.This is a physiological method. It is beyond religion. So any Lasik eye surgeon can employ it. Deep breathing with a focus on the breath decreases anxiety. We do warn our patients not to blow out with force. Excessive air can affect the mirrors of the laser. It can get fogged up decreasing beam transmission.

Music also helps calm. Soft music with changing rhythm has been found to be best. Classical or hip hop, we leave the choice to the person undergoing lasik eye surgery.  We do say a prayer in our minds before beginning the surgery.
This blog is for entertainment purposes only.We dont want to offend anyone. Providing LASIK, Superlasik to Los Angeles, Simi Valley, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Malibu, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Calabasas

Lasik special for Firefighters of Los Angeles City

Lasik special for Firefighters of Los Angeles City

$499*/eye Lasik special for Firefighters of Los Angeles City. Rajesh Khanna, MD witnessed 9/11 heroic efforts in NYC. We have also seen our neighbors being rescued her in Los Angeles. Our communities are kept safe by Los Angeles Firefighters.

Khanna Vision institute has served various firefighters and law enforcement agents over the years. 

On Fireman’s request we are starting a special lasik program for United Firefighters of  Los Angeles city.

Here are the details

$499*/eye Lasik + *$1500/eye (from Lifetime health benefit) see attached.The regular charge is $2750/eye

Yes this is wavefront Lasik. The Lasik vision correction that prevents glare and haloes at night. Lasik eye surgery which employs wavefront aberrometer to record the imperfections of the eye. It also includes eye registration. Iris registration helps correct cyclorotation, and avoids the incorrect eye from being treated. The calculated treatment and the iris registration is transferred by a virus safe flash drive to a state of the art laser.

*$1500/eye (from Lifetime health benefit)



Screenshot 2014-10-23 08.37.33

Please help spread the word so Dr.Khanna can defend the vision of people who defend us. He is one of the premier Beverly Hills fellowship trained Cornea and Lasik surgeon. Rajesh Khanna, MD offers convenient  lunch hours and even saturday morning appointments. He has easily accessible locations in los angeles county.

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How soon can I have sex after lasik eye surgery?

 How soon can I have sex after lasik eye surgery?

After your intensive research on lasik eye surgery you are in a hurry to get the vision correction procedure. You forget to consider an important question. How soon can I have sex after lasik eye surgery?

Lasik patient Stephanie Beacham
Lasik is super!

Why is this topic so important to be discussed here? Lets hear the answer from lasik eye surgery pioneer and expert- Rajesh Khanna, MD. “Great vision is an essential part of great sex. After lasik eye surgery nearsighted and farsighted people can see their significant others significantly better. Add to this the loss of inhibitions from the xanax or versed given at the time of lasik eye surgery.”

The precautions needed would depend on the type of laser vision correction surgery you undergo. With superlasik eye surgery it would be safe to have sex right after the procedure. There is no cut involved and the ultra thin flaps are protected by therapeutic bandage contact lenses.

Lasik eye surgery with automated sophisticated microkeratome or all laser lasik create a uniform flap. If eye is rubbed or opened forcefully there is a chance of displacement of the flap. It is wise to wait 48 to 72 hours after the surgery before indulging in coitus. A lot of patients do report that they have sex earlier than this time period. Be careful and wait at least a day would be our suggestion.

If you have wondered if sex life improves after lasik eye surgery, read this wonderful story. better-sex-after-lasik-eye-surgery

How soon can I have sex after lasik eye surgery, would also depend on your health. If any other factors like hypertension, diabetes or atrial fibrillation are involved please consult with your primary care physician.

It is important to have safe lasik eye surgery. It is equally important to have safe sex. Please prepare for this event even before lasik eye surgery.


Better Lifestyle

Better Lifestyle


Celebrity Hollywood lasik eye surgeon
Poison Drummer Rickki Rockket, Melamie Martel

Individuals consider the option of refractive surgery and EPILASIK for a variety of personal reasons. The common thread is to have a better lifestyle. Epilasik is also known as the popular term superlasik, short for superficial lasik. EPILASIK reduces or eliminates one’s dependence on contact lenses or glasses, which will allow many people to more freely pursue their hobbies, sports activities or career options.

Singers and Musicians: When you want to drum or sing under those harsh lights. You don’t want any glare or haloes. Nor irritation from contact lens.

Movie Actors: Want to avoid glare csaused by contact lens. Don’t even mention glasses in front of them.  It can even be performed if cornea is thin or dry.

Sports Enthusiasts Professional athletes Basketball players, golfers, football professionals. Impact may affect the flap of lasik but not epilasik. You see the flap is so thin in epilasik it can self regenerate.

Weekend warriors coming on bikes from Camarillo, Fillmore, Ojai, Oxnard,Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks,Ventura, Moorpark to professional athletes from College to play field hockey.

Mothers of Young Children – many women express concern about the safety of their children if they should lose their glasses or contact lenses.For example.while playing in the surf or trying to escape a burning building,  EPILASIK may even reduce the anxiety produced by simple tasks, like finding one’s way through the house at night.

Frequent Travelers – for those who spend a considerable amount of time on the road. Being less dependent on glasses or contacts promises many advantages. They can range from safety (ability to read evacuation signs) to convenience (less to pack). What if you break the glasses. good luck trying to read the traffic signs.

The reasons may be many. All wish to reduce their need for contacts or glasses for safety or performance reasons.

We remind all patients that EPILASIK is a surgical procedure, and like all such procedures, there are risks involved. We also suggest that you review information you find elsewhere through additional research and then discuss this information in-depth with your Epilasik surgeon. Better lifestyle, best epilasik surgeon.

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