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Eye Allergies

Eye allergies are a type of eye disorder that are more commonly irritating than dangerous. However, issues such as allergic or vernal keratoconjunctivitis can lead to corneal scarring, which may necessitate invasive procedures such as a corneal transplant.

Eye allergies may occur due to topical or environmental irritants, but are also common with other allergic conditions such as hay fever. If you experience eye irritation that does not dissipate on its own, it is important that you schedule an appointment with Los Angeles eye doctor Rajesh Khanna to ensure proper treatment.

Treating Eye Allergies

In some instances, treating eye allergies can be done with an over-the-counter antihistamine. If the allergic reaction is due to something like makeup, flushing the eye with water or a saline solution may also be effective.

If you experience irritation for longer than two days or if pain, extreme redness, or discharge is present, you should contact Dr. Khanna as soon as possible for a more advanced treatment. Dr. Khanna may prescribe topical antihistamines, decongestants, mast-cell stabilizers, or anti-inflammatory medications, but these should only be used under the supervision of your eye doctor. Some medications are contraindicated with other eye conditions and may harm your vision when used incorrectly.

To talk to an eye doctor in Los Angeles, California about your allergies, please contact the Khanna Institute of LASIK & Refractive Surgery today to schedule an initial consultation.

Am I at Risk for Keratoconus?

Keratoconus occurs when your eye’s cornea thins, resulting in a bulging of tissue that creates a cone shape. While in many cases the exact cause of keratoconus is unknown, some evidence suggests those with a family history of this disorder are at a higher risk for developing it. In addition, inherited genetic conditions such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Leber’s congenital amaurosis, osteogenesis imperfect, or Down syndrome may increase your risks for developing keratoconus.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of keratoconus such as sudden vision disruptions or numerous prescription changes in a short period of time, please call (877) 254-2662 today to schedule an appointment with Los Angeles Intacs doctor Rajesh Khanna.

Potential Causes

While the exact cause of keratoconus may be unknown, it has been suggested that risks increase due to factors including:

  • Frequent and vigorous rubbing of the eyes
  • Enzyme abnormalities
  • Long-term use of contact lenses
  • Eye conditions such as vernal keratoconjunctivitis and retinitis pigmentosa

Keratoconus is often aggressive in it progression and if left untreated can necessitate a corneal transplant. When caught early on, Dr. Khanna can use Intacs to help restore vision and prevent more invasive procedures.

If you live in the Los Angeles, California area and believe you could benefit from Intacs, please contact the Khanna Institute of LASIK & Refractive Surgery today to schedule an initial consultation.