Cataract Symptoms


Top 5 Cataract Symptoms for You



Symptom 1

As the cloudy, opaque area in your lens grows and expands over time, more light will be blocked from reaching your retina. The opacity in your lens scatters entering light, causing foggy and dim vision. You may also experience:



Symptom 2

Night vision problems, including halos and glare around lights & faded, less vibrant colors.



Symptom 3

Increased light sensitivity & eye strain.



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Double vision in one eye & more frequent changes in eyewear prescriptions (e.g. increased myopia)



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Over time, your symptoms of cataracts may start to interfere with daily activities, both recreational and work-related. For example, you might have trouble driving at night because headlights and streetlights seem too bright. Reading, computer work, and other types of near-vision activities may also become difficult.

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