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Cataract Cure with Lensx Femtosecond Laser:

A newer option at our Beverly Hills surgery center

Unclear vision experienced by a person, wherein he or she notices a cloud like structure in his or her eyes is what is known as a cataract. The occurrence of this cannot be predicted and it cannot sometimes be avoided as it is already part of the aging process of a human being. The good thing is that a newer procedure of treating away cataract has now been developed. This is not your grandmothers cataract eye surgery. Laser Cataract Surgeons can now possibly perform surgeries for cataract patients without the patient worrying too much about the accuracy of surgeons hands. Femtosecond Cataract Lasers are most likely used to perform the surgery and it may cost a little bit more. But later on, you will realize how worthy it is to have the cataract surgery as the outcomes of your vision will be worth the investment of your dollars.

The day after cataract surgery patient of Khanna Vision Institute says she can “now put on lipstick without glasses”. That is certainly another advantage of cataract surgery.

Cataract Surgery with Lensx

Lensx laser cataract removal means that the surgery is performed using a computer system set in real-time. This indicates proper incisions even the micro incisions that need to be carefully done. If in the traditional cataract surgery, blades and needles are required to be used to perform the surgery, it is no longer needed with Lensx laser cataract removal system. Femtosecond laser is utilized to make the openings in the eye and the lens. Further the laser is used to split the natural cataractous lens into smaller pieces.

Since there are no physical blades and needles, the probability of incurring risk is greatly lessened. The cataract surgeon can focus more on the areas without worrying about other issues that may be affected and adjustments can positively be made easily. This also ensures confidence not just over the surgeon, but also over the patient. The surgery type itself provides lots of benefits to the patient in the field of accuracy, precision, safety, and outcome.

This innovative technology is more precise. Still the surgeon performing this procedure has to be qualified and skilled. Only the licensed surgeons who have been certified by Alcon in treating a patient using the femtosecond lasers can perform Lensx laser cataract removal surgery.

Dr. Rajesh Khanna of Beverly Hills offers cataracts removal surgery with the Lensx laser. He is one of the few cataract specialists to offer more than one laser for cataract surgery. This Cataract Surgery Specialist has helped thousands of patients with their vision correction and has performed countless surgical procedures with perfect results.

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