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Cataract Surgery Through Catalys Femtosecond Laser

Cataract Surgery with Catalys Femtosecond Laser

Catalys Femtosecond Laser – Newer Technology

When a person needs to undergo a cataract surgery, the Catalys laser cataract surgery system would be one of the best method to use in removing the crystalline lens, because it is solely designed for that type of surgery. The Catalys femtosecond laser system by AMO offers Liquid Optics Interface, which provides a clearer path for the laser and Integral Guidance System, which establishes safety zones for the treatment. Khanna Cataract Center located near Agoura Hills offers this system and has helps countless individuals suffering from cataracts.

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Liquid Optics Interface

This feature makes possible very minimal error occurrence because it provides a clear optical path for the OCT imaging, laser treatment, and real-time video. It also fills in the irregularities in corneal surface with liquid and it enables single dock performance of all cuts. The surgeon will not find it difficult to look at the cuts since a wide field of vision can be observed. The Liquid Optics Interface also minimizes the pressure in the intraocular pressure and the eye redness.

Integral Guidance System

This can be completed through several steps:

  • The ocular surface is being visualized by the 3D spectral-domain
  • Safety zones are created, including the accurate map surfaces automatically. It is the algorithms that process the image.
  • The surgeon makes the customized Catalys laser cataract surgery treatment plan and this is then based on the patient’s ocular anatomy.
  • The femtosecond laser can then be delivered to its supposed location while it maintains the safety zones.


This Catalys laser cataract surgery treatment is used to address patients who need removal of crystalline lenses because of cataracts. They must be above 22 years old and must not have any of the following in order to avoid interactions: corneal ring implant, corneal abnormalities, inlay implants, significant corneal edema, or severe corneal opacities. If not, the patient may experience the adverse effects of this treatment such as diplopia, hemorrhage, astigmatism, edema, endothelial, macular degeneration, capsulotomy, chemosis, dropped lens, deepithelization, and amaurosis


  • Most of the people suffering from cataracts are usually candidates for catalys laser. This laser is superior to lensx laser according many users of both laser systems.
  • In some patients like with previous trauma, loose lens, weak zonules and mature red cataracts this might be the safer way of doing cataract lens removal surgery.


Medical nor Vision insurances cover surgery with lasers. At our cataract eye institute we understand that you may be managing on fixed incomes but still desire the best technology. Dr. Khanna feels safety should be paramount in the surgeon’s decision making process. Therefore he has directed out cataract surgery counselors to come up with innovative methods to make catalys femtosecond laser procedure available to all.

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