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Types of Cataract Surgery You Should Know About

Types of Cataract Surgery You Should Know About

Its Not One Size Fits All

Cataract is an eye problem that cannot be treated by medication alone. Cataract surgery is needed to remove it permanently. However, not many people are aware that there are actually several types of cataract surgery that they can opt for depending on their case.

Extracapsular Cataract Surgery (ECCE)
One of the three basic types of cataract surgery is the Extracapsular Cataract Surgery. This procedure is usually advised for people who have very advanced cataracts. Very advanced cataracts often have lenses, which are quite dense in terms of dissolving into small pieces. The recovery phase for this type of cataract surgery is slower since there is a larger incision made, which requires a number of stitches. On the plus side, these stitches no longer require removal.

Phacoemulsification is included in the basic types of cataract surgery. This is deemed to be the most preferable type of cataract surgery procedure. In this method, the surgeon makes tiny incisions and foldable lenses are usually used. At the end of the surgery, the vision will notably improve. In addition, no stitches will be required for this type.

Intracapsular Cataract Surgery (ICCE)
In this method, the intraocular lens is positioned in front of the iris. The surgeon will then remove the lens in its entirety, including the surrounding capsule. The patient will then be required to wear aphakic eyeglasses. Intracapsular cataract surgery is no longer practiced today. However, it can still be found useful in certain cases like a significant trauma or dislocation of the lens.

The funny part in United States’ insurance system is that cataract surgeons get paid same whatever method they use. So a surgeon may lose incentive to continually incorporate newer safer technology. You may love your eye doctor and may have been going to him or her many years. Still you owe it yourself to educate about the latest innovations in cataract eye surgery and ask your eye professional if they are certified in the most advanced methods of vision correction surgery.

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Generally, after any type of cataract surgery, the patient is advised to wear a patch over the operated eye. The patient will also then be observed for some time for possible complications. You will also be advised not to drive or do any activities that may strain the eyes. Luckily you can easily find many top surgeons who offer all types of cataract surgeries. Dr. K, serving the Beverly Hills area, offers in his practice every cataract surgery available. He has worked on the eyes of thousands of patients with cataracts and strives in allowing his patients to see near, middle, and far after vision correction. This is possible because of more than two decades of experience in cataract eye surgery. Infact he is the author of the much acclaimed book “The miracle of Pi in Eye”. Please read this book on Amazon, Kindle or listen as an audiobook before you have cataract surgery anywhere in the world.

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