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Best Los Angeles Lasik

Best Los Angeles Lasik results are obtained when the input is the best.  What do we mean by that? Let us consider the steps or ingredients to a good lasik eye surgery in Los Angeles.

 Best Diagnostic Technology

Safety of lasik eye surgery is of paramount importance. Lasik got a bad name when inexperienced surgeons were given poor technology. This allowed Dr. Oz to malign an entire profession.

A good lasik eye care specialist will make sure the corneal shape is normal. A special instrument called the color corneal topographer helps accomplish this. Rabinowitz KISA index is used to interpret the result obtained from this machine.

Ocular coherence topography or Light assisted thickness map of the cornea has become the sine non quin.

Best Laser Equipment

A lot of ads proclaim they have the best laser. What is good for one eye may not be the best for another. It is desirable the lasik center should have a choice of many lasers like visx, allgretto and intralase. This allows the lasik surgeon to choose the best for your eyes.

Best Staff

The one who holds your hands. Certified Surgical staff who have assisted in hundreds of eye surgeries.

Best Los Angeles Lasik Eye Surgery 2016

Best Surgical  Experience

A surgeon who has performed thousands of lasik eye surgery on various platforms. There is no alternative for experience.

Best Sterilization techniques

You would be surprised what some centers do to save a penny. In the public realm there are instances of surgeons loosing their license when the neglected this all important step.

Best Follow up

The surgery is done. Are you shunted of to a non surgeon for follow up care? The best practice guideline by American Society of Refractive Surgery say you should be seen by the expert who performed your procedure.

Best Los Angeles Lasik Eye Surgery 2016

In summary, in 2016 to get the best Los Angeles Lasik Eye Surgery you have to ask for the best components. Trust the surgeon but than politely ask to see the best parts.

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