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Best Lasik Eye surgery requires research. The time spent finding the best will yield good results. Our eyes play a big part in our life. They allow us to bring a picture to our brain. Patients say the best Lasik Eye Surgery is performed by Dr. Rajesh Khanna, M.D. This is evidenced by Dr.Khanna being voted the best lasik eye surgery performer by reader of Los Angeles Daily news. Let us review how they came to this decision.

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Qualities of the best Lasik Eye Surgery performer: 

-Good listener:  Listen to your problems. Understands your goals. Gives the result you dreamed of.

– Steady hands: Hands that do not shake.Provides you with a more precise effect.

-Advanced technology: Options on the latest lasers like the visx and allegretto.Gives us all the informations  we need to know about your eyes for the best results.

-Great Outcomes: Better vision, better life, happiness.

 Before I had Lasik, my children faces were such a big blur without my glasses. Now I can see them each so clearly.  I love being able to look out my window and watch them play where before I could not see them at all. Now I will be able to swim with them and have fun not having to worry about my glasses or contacts. I am so grateful to Dr. Khanna. Thank You!


Our eyes are precious, without them we wouldn't be able to see how the world is. When it comes to our eyes, we want the best. Our office and staff are qualified and train to give the best results and accommodate your needs. Dr.Khanna has been performing Lasik from 1997.

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