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The Four "S"s

What does Lasik mean?
LASIK MeaningLASIK, which is acronym that stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis, is a popular surgery used to correct vision in[...]
The Warm Caring Staff Of Khanna Vision InstituteAt Khanna Vision Institute our happy, welcoming, and helpful staff strive to give[...]
Superior Technology
iDesign Wavescan is the Latest In Lasik Technology. It has over 1200 micro scans that scan the eye creating a[...]
Dr. Khanna has been in the practice for over 25 years. He has completed procedures for many celebrities as well[...]

A Skilled Surgeon You Can Count On For Life

Dr. Khanna Cares!

Dr. Khanna is the top eye surgeon in southern California and has been in practice for over 25 years. He sincerely cares about your vision and eye health. His goal is to enable you to see the quality of life without glasses. His priority is safety, precision, and quality results.

Why Us?

Here at Khanna Vision Institute the Staff and the Doctor strive to give our patients the best results as well as the best experience. Dr. Khanna focuses on the safety and well being of all of his patients, ensuring the best results and treatment plans for each patient. We present to our patients a comfortable and friendly environment in the office in efforts to make everyone feel relaxed and welcome.

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Words From Our Patients

Happy lasik discount los angles

“The Doctor Seems Incredibly Competent

My wife and I both got lens replacements from Khanna Vision Institute. It's been nearly a year and I couldn't be happier. My eyes are not as good as when I was ten but they are far better than when I was 60. While their office atmosphere is very friendly...more importantly, the doctor seems incredibly competent. My wife sees better now than she ever has. My eyes are very important to me so I did quite a bit of homework on my choice of procedures and doctors. I feel good about my decision. Feel free to contact me through his office if you'd like. I'm a 'Doctor Khanna Success Story'.


A Doctor Khanna Success Story

“He Saved My Eyes and I Can’t Thank Him Enough

"Dr Khanna is an amazing wonderful knowledgeable doctor who is very caring about his patients, he saved my eyes and I can’t thank him enough he did cornea cross linking on both of my eyes both procedures where successful best technology in the market i would highly suggest anyone with keratoconus to seek help from him, his staff is very wonderful and always there to answer any issues! I wish there where many doctors like him in the field!"


A very Happy Patient 

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