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What is Custom Lasik Eye Surgery?

Custom Lasik Eye Surgery?

Wavefront-Guided Laser Eye Surgery for San Fernando Valley

Custom Lasik surgery is also called Wavefront-Guided Lasik. It is a procedure that makes use of 3-dimensional measurements to show how the eye processes images. The 3D images serve as a guide to the laser re-shaping of the cornea.

Custom Lasik is preferred by many since the wavefront measurement system is very precise and the outcome is an individualized vision correction, which is very different from traditional Lasik surgery or standard prescription glasses. Aside from being very unique and individualized, here are the other benefits of custom Lasik:

Wavefront technology helps to improve visual acuity (how much a person can see) and contrast sensitivity (how well a person can see the fine details)

Keratoconus Eye Disease

  • Custom Lasik has less risk of post-Lasik issues such as halos and glare
  • Custom Lasik has been found to have fewer risks of night vision issues after surgery.
  • Custom Lasik addresses both aberrations or visual distortions of both lower and higher order
  • Can treat even those who have lost best-corrected vision from prior surgeries such as Lasik, RK, and PRK

Wavefront-guided or custom Lasik has been talked about and researched by American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) and the Ophthalmology Times. Both surgeons and patients have been giving the custom Lasik procedure praises for how much it has helped in their lives.

At our Laser Vision Institute we have gone a step further than that. We have personalized the whole experience to suit your lifestyle requirements. Our lasik vision specialists will sit with you and understand your goals for your laser vision correction. Than our Lasik expert will analyze your corneal shape, thickness, power of the eye , wavefront aberrometry and choose customised lasik technology.

Custom Lasik is one of the procedures most patients ask about and request for. It is of utmost importance to see a registered professional if you are interested in getting custom Lasik. As with the traditional Lasik procedure, it takes quite a number of tests to know if a patient is qualified to undergo custom Lasik and there are still many doctors’ orders to follow after surgery has been performed. And of course, it is important to note that there may be variations in the cost of a procedure between traditional and custom Lasik based on royalty fees charged by the laser manufacturing companies.. Lasik expert Dr, Rajesh Khanna, serving the San Fernando Valley area, offers custom lasik to all his patients. His practice includes all up to date technology and he continues to stay active in new procedures for vision correction.

Los Angeles patient says “why didn’t I get it done earlier!” See her review and talk about her straight forward and easy experience having Lasik eye surgery at the Khanna Vision Institute.