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Call (310) 482 1240 If you are between 45 to 65 years of age

A warm welcome to all future patients.

For those who have never worn glasses before:
All your life you have lived in freedom and enjoyed liberty. Now you find yourself tethered by readers. At your sons or daughters soccer game or dance recital, you may be unable to read the program. Flying a plane, sailing, golf…and the nuisance of magnifying glasses. All single ladies, who go on a date and look remarkably young, suddenly reveal their age when the readers come out to read the menu. What good is Botox or the mascara?

For those who have worn contacts:
You were at the forefront when you switched to contacts. Whether you are stuck in hard lenses or soft, there are safer, better and more permanent procedures available. Contact lens cause dryness of eye and even redness. Yes you will be able to see eyelashes in the mirror, watch the baseball game whether it is windy or sunny and use your smartphone (Android or iphone). The latest generation of wavefront lasers can even treat astigmatism accurately improving your night vision. Glare and haloes are rare with this technology.

For those that have waited for safer advanced technology:
You may have endured “Four eyes” like our patient H.W from middle school. After your procedure, pick up the phone, like H.W did, and call your friends who now may be wearing glasses!

No president in modern times has worn glasses in public (not even Ronald Reagan who wore contact lenses). Conversely no person who has worn glasses has even won the nomination for presidential candidature. (Sarah Palin, Herman Caine).
Confidence is very important to a person embarking on a new journey in life.

In the age group of 45 to 65 the best choices are:

1. iLASIK ( thin flap lasik) with wavefront or Superlasik with wavefront

2. Prelex procedure