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Many people have had consultations and been told astigmatism cannot be corrected. We have the latest automated advanced iDesign Lasik technology which ELIMINATES ASTIGMATISM FOREVER

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Dr. Khanna has changed my life - this is literally the best thing I've ever done.  To be able to see clearly, all on my own is so precious and wonderful. There are no words to explain how incredible it is.  If you are considering getting LASIK I can recommend no one other than Dr. Khanna.  He is a world class recognized LASIK EYE SURGEON and the kindest man I know, he will put you at ease, and make the procedure a piece of cake.

​Brinkly B - ​Los Angeles, CA

​Dr. Khanna gave my girlfriend the gift of perfect eyesight. A very nice man with a great staff, the best equipment, and a deft hand. If you are considering getting LASIK then I would highly recommend the Khanna Institute of Lasik.

​Joseph E  - ​Los Angeles, CA

Stuck ​with Astigmatism?

Our proven, ​iDesign Lasik system has helped ​people just like you get unstuck and make daily productivity as effortless as brushing your teeth. ​Contact Now to ​​ELIMINATE ASTIGMATISM FOREVER:

  • ​iDesign Lasik surgery is the latest FDA approved technology to cure astigmatism.
  • It is more precise and accurate than previous technology. It checks refraction over 1280 zones on the eye.
  • ​A closed looped automatic system, that avoids human errors.
  • Idesign Lasik Makes adjustement for eye rotation. The laser tracks the eye during treatment.

Please Do Not Suffer Anymore

​Red irritated eyes, headache strain impair your life. Frequent change in glasses and contact lenses can affect your productivity. See better than with your glasses and contacts. especially at night. Enjoy freedom to swim, ski, skydive or just play the best golf. Improve your tennis and your concentration. Freedom from Astigmatism is sweet!

​What is Astigmatism?

​​Symptoms of astigmatism

​​Options of treating Astigmatism?

​Best way to Cure Astigmatism?

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