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Am I too Young for PRELEX?

PRELEX is a type of refractive surgery that most commonly addresses presbyopia. Presbyopia is an unavoidable age-related disorder that generally starts to show symptoms when a person enters their 40s. If you are considering PRELEX as a treatment for presbyopia, you will want to wait until it has begun to show symptoms, which may not occur until you are in your mid to late 40s or beyond. However, if you are looking to PRELEX for the treatment of refractive errors, there is really no age requirement.

What’s Right for You

We have different needs at every stage of our adult lives. In some instances Beverly Hills PRELEX surgeon Dr. Rajesh Khanna may recommend this treatment at an early age, such as in your twenties. In others, he may suggest an alternative such as LASIK or PRK. This is entirely dependent on your needs and desires.

The best way to determine if PRELEX is right for you is through a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Khanna. During this consultation, Dr. Khanna will examine your eyes, listen to your concerns and help you determine which treatment will best provide you with the results you need.

If you live in the Beverly Hills area of California and would like to learn if PRELEX is right for you, please contact the Khanna Institute of LASIK & Refractive Surgery today to schedule an initial consultation.

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