October 5

Am I A Great Candidate For Lasik Eye Surgery


Am I a candidate for Lasik Eye Surgery?

We look at four variables to determine a person’s eligibility for Lasik eye surgery which can be summed up in the mnemonic PAST”.

Power  The power of the glasses or contact lenses.

Age The age of the patient. The best candidates are between 21 and 39 years old, however we can do Lasik on patient’s younger than 21 and older than 39.

Shape The shape of the cornea as determined using a color corneal topography.

Thickness The thickness distribution map obtained from OCT of the cornea.

Rajesh Khanna, MD

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“Each eye is unique in so many aspects and we have the technology and experience to create a care-plan for almost any person’s visual needs”

DOR Magazine / Chief Editor

Blade Free Lasik or All Laser Lasik

iDesign Lasik Eye Surgery for Astigmatism and Nearsightednessa

No Cut Lasik, Epilasik or Superlasik

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