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Allegretto 500 Hz – the fastest laser in Los Angeles

Allegretto 500: The best LASIK option in town.

LASIK or in general terms laser eye surgery eliminates the need to wear glasses. It is one of the latest and safest eye surgeries option. We are always striving to increase safety and improve outcomes. With that in mind we are happy to announce we are introducing Lasik eye surgery with Allegretto 500.

Speed with an eye towards safety

  • Allegretto 500 is the latest laser with the most updated technology to be used in America. It is faster and more precise than its predecessors and other lasers. It fires as the name suggests 500 laser spots per second and it can treat 1.4 diopters of prescriptive error per second. The rapid treatment has the following advantages. It prevents :
  • Stromal dehydration of the cornea
  • Flap shrinkage
  • Sensitivity to eye movements
  • Patient fixation fatigue

This faster speed allows for more predictable results meaning greater chances of a successful laser eye surgery.

Allegretto 500 Hz fastest laser in United States

Allegretto 500 Hz fastest laser in United States

Real Time measurement of flap thickness and corneal tissue removal

Allegretto 500 have a built online pachymetry system. This system provides the surgeon with the most correct cornea measurements. It can also measure cornea thickness during treatment. So a surgeon can stop if he is approaching the end of predetermined safety zone.The measurements are displayed through a microscope ocular while the surgeon is looking at the eye during the treatments. This great tool ensures there are no surprises for the surgeons during the surgery and the patient receives just the right amount of treatment and no further damage to the cornea.

Faster than the blink of an eye

One of most common question patients asked is what will happen if they moved their eyes during the treatment. The fact is the patient will always move their eyes. Allegretto 500 checks the positions of the eye 1050 times per second with just 2 millisecond latency! Allegretto 500 keeps checking the eye and adjusts the treatment accordingly. This is the fastest eye checking speed currently available in the market. Allegretto 400 checked the position only 400 times and other machines check as few as 80 times per second.

Real time display

Another addition inside the ocular display keeps the surgeon updated about the quality of the tracker acquisition. This information allows the surgeon to be aware of the status of the tracker before and during the surgery for optimal results. Allegretto 500 shows the patient’s information in the ocular display during the surgery. It shows the surgeon patient’s name, birthdate, treatment and its status of completion during the LASIK procedure. This additional confirmatory information removes the element of human error from the procedure making it a safer and a more reliable option.

Generates its own Nitrogen gas allowing stability of laser beam

Allegretto 500 has an onboard nitrogen generator. It takes in air and manufactures air. The nitrogen gas is essential to maintain the stability of the laser beam. Allegretto 500 uses the freshly produced nitrogen to keep the medium I the entire arm of the laser in harmony.

This laser system can also treat effectively people with larger pupils. This LASIK option now allows people with high prescriptions previously untreatable with other methods to also be glasses free. Allegretto 500 ensures patients receive the best laser treatment with minimal side effects. People with glasses and prescription with or without astigmatism are given successful laser treatments. People who received LASIK treatment with Allegretto 500 reported excellent and crisp vision both night and day. During the sunny days of Los Angeles let your only stylish and chic sunglasses be a great accessory. Let us help you keep your eyes shining with their own personality without those cumbersome glasses!

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In Los Angeles, there are a number of laser centers offering LASIK surgeries with Allegretto 200 and 400 systems. Allegretto laser system was the first one to get a concurrent approval from FDA for treating a broad band of near-sightedness and farsightedness with and without astigmatism. Allegretto has been built from ground up and the manufacturer confirms it is far superior than 200 or 400.

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