Corbin Blue Lasik with Dr. Khanna


Corbin Bleu LASIK Surgery with Rajesh Khanna M.D.

Accomplished actor, singer and dancer Corbin Bleu had Wavefront Lasik Surgery with celebrity Lasik surgeon Dr. Rajesh Khanna in January 2009. Corbin is known for his work on the popular Disney movie, “High School Musical”. The actor came to see Dr. Khanna after years of suffering with contact lenses. Corbin had heard of Dr. Khanna; a well known LASIK and Refractive Cataract surgeon located in Westlake Village and Beverly Hills. Corbin came for a consult at the Khanna Institute Dr. Khanna personally tested his eyes and made sure he was a good candidate for Lasik vision surgery. Corbin understood the procedure well and trusted his eyes to Dr. Khanna; who was voted best lasik surgeon by both the Los Angeles daily news and the Ventura County Star. Khanna is one of the pioneers of Wavefront Lasik surgery; the procedure preformed on Corbin. Wavefront Lasik is a safe and effective advanced eye procedure. During surgery a small flap of corneal tissue is created, followed by the application of a cool laser beam directed to the retina. The laser works to reshape the cornea providing excellent vision. And finally the protective flap is closed. The procedure itself takes less than 5 minutes and can correct a wide range of vision problems including; myopia and astigmatism, which Corbin had.

Immediately after the procedure Corbin observed that he could see more precisely than with his contact lenses. Corbin was pleased with the results and is now able to perform effortlessly and without the hassle of glasses or contacts. Corbin was so happy with the results that he recommended his friend and fellow Disney star Brenda Song; whom Dr. Khanna also treated with Lasik. Corbin Bleu is an extremely talented young star as he continues to rise to the top his new vision will help him perform with ease and confidence.

A natural performer, Corbin was born in Brooklyn, New York; he was trained in dance and music at a young age, attending the prestigious Debbie Allen Dance Academy. Over the years Corbin has evolved and has now become a large part of the Disney phenomenon, “High School Musical”. High School Musical has achieved mass success and is the highest rated Disney Channel Original Movie in history and the overall highest rated program in cable history. Corbin is currently performing on Broadway in the Tony award winning musical “In the Heights”. He has been acting and performing since age six and has appeared in several television series and films. Some of Corbin’s previous films include; “Tiny Tim is Dead”, “Brothers of the Knight”, and “Free Style” a Disney movie Corbin both stared in and produced. Corbin is musically talented as well, appearing on the High School Musical soundtrack; which sold over 4 million records and peaked at number 1 on the billboard charts. In 2007 Corbin released his own debut album peaking at number 36 on the billboard charts. And in March 2010 Corbin released his sophomore album titled “Speed of Light”. Today Corbin performs on Broadway and continues to participate in several charities including St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Starlight Starbright and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. The Khanna Institute was pleased to work with such an acclaimed actor and wish him well in his upcoming performances.

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