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A Guide to Vision Care Written by an Eye Specialist

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Rejuvenateaging eyes Before PIE or Presbyopic Implant in Eye Procedure

October 16, 2021- Khanna Vision Institute celebrates the one year release date of, Rejuvenate Aging Eyes, The Miracle of Pie, by giving away free copies for a limited time. For one year this book has reimagined the lives of people who need to wear glasses. Giving them the right tools to improve their lives, and fix that crack in the windows to their souls. 

This book gives the reader all the knowledge one needs to know about the eye, the different options a person has to improve their vision, and stories from the public on why they want better vision as well as how their lives have changed since getting help. 

“It has increased the information available to the consumer in a simpler language to make sure the consumer can make the decision that is right for them.”

Written by an ophthalmologist, this book is an insider’s guide to anyone looking to learn about the eye. The only book written on PIE (presbyopic implants of the eye) it is specifically designed for the ‘boomer generation’, making it the perfect tool to answer all questions one may have about surgery. It goes over the before and after steps of the procedure, compares each surgery so the patient may know which is best for them, and lets them feel confident in their decision. 

“I can still remember the terrifying moment that I had to rush to the fire at 4 a.m. Of all the thoughts that were rushing through my brain, my glasses were not one of them. Realizing that I no longer had to worry about grabbing my glasses because I recently had the PIE procedure done made me feel more secure to do my job.” 

The ophthalmologist that has written this guide is Dr. Rajesh Khanna. To celebrate the One Year Anniversary of this book being written, as well as the One Year Anniversary of helping others achieve the best vision possible, he is giving away free copies, for a limited time. To get your very own, call (310)482-1240. This offer ends October 31st, 2021.

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