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Overcoming the Challenges of Being a Contact Lens User: My Personal Experience

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I hate contact lenses – redness, irritations, infections bother me. My. last infection almost made me blind!. read on…

One often faces many problems being a contact lens user. Dry eyes, irritation, and blurred vision are just a few of the inconveniences that wearing contact lenses can bring. Not to mention the hassle of having to worry about always carrying an extra pair on you and having to remove them periodically and clean them. Wearing contact lenses eliminates the need for uncomfortable and bulky glasses, but it brings a lot of difficulties as well.

For someone who wears contact lenses, they are constantly reminded that they have a foreign object on their eyes- ouch :(. For a college student or for someone who works in an office setting, staring at a computer screen all day can cause dryness and tiredness. The dryness causes one’s eyes to become red and watery, and can lead to headaches. And the tiredness causes one to have to frequently take a break. Eye drops help in these situations, but they only provide temporary relief. This affects one’s productivity because they are not able to function as well or as effectively as they should be able to.

Another problem which contact lenses bring about is blurred vision. This happens sometimes when the contact lens gets dirty or when it becomes too dry. This can cause much inconvenience and can be dangerous in situations such as driving a vehicle. Imagine having to drive at night with blurry contacts, this can be a great risk and can put your own life and other’s lives in danger. Sometimes taking the contacts out and cleaning them does not even help. One must throw the pair out and get a brand new pair, which can become expensive if the problem keeps reoccurring.

For a contact lens wearer, another worry is always having to have an extra pair of contacts or glasses on them as well as cleaning solution and eye drops. For someone who relies on contacts to be able to see, they cannot take the risk of not being prepared if one of their contacts falls out, or if it becomes too blurry to see, or if their eyes get too dry. Therefore, they always have to carry these items with them. This is an inconvenience for everyday life, not to mention when traveling.

Have you ever played football with contact lenses? Having my contact lenses fly away on a tackle and than not knowing where to run was embarrassing and frustrating.

Contact lenses are supposed to be a more convenient alternative to wearing glasses, but they bring about many problems from dryness to irritation to blurred vision and much more. With all of these problems, wearing contact lenses can be very uncomfortable. Always having to worry about your contact lenses is not a convenient way to live one’s life. For someone who wears contacts, they are always reminded of it and it is a fact they cannot escape. For these reasons, I hate contact lenses! Wish there was a solution… Hmmmm…

Yes there is, LASIK performed by a skilled and well trained surgeon using the safest technology.

I like this piece written by one of our patients’ who underwent successful lasik eye surgery at Khanna Vision Institute.

It is interesting that consumers don’t have to sign an informed consent when obtaining contact lens. Even though multiple studies have shown that lasik eye surgery is safer than contact lens.

Rajesh  Khanna, MD

Khanna Vision is the place to go if you are above 45 years old for PIE Procedures, Blended Lasik and Laser cataract to keep people free of all glasses.

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