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Instructions before SMILE/Lasik /Superlasik Eye Surgery

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Preparation or Instructions before SMILE/Lasik /Superlasik Eye Surgery:

  1. Please purchase a 1-month supply of preservative free artificial tears Refresh Plus/Systane/Blink/Optive.
  2. Contact Lens Removal Soft lenses should not be worn for at least 3-7 days prior to your laser procedure.
  3. It is very important that you do not wear perfumes, colognes or scented lotions on the day of your procedure. Fragrance can distort the transmission of the UV light in the laser and can cause an imperfect result. (Roll on deodorant is OK to wear).
  4. Please remove all facial and eye makeup the night before your procedure. It is very important that you remove all trace amount of mascara and eyeliner residue prior to your procedure. Do not wear any makeup the day of your procedure.
  5. Eat a light meal before your procedure.
  6. If you take medications, you may take them as necessary.
  7. No smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages on the day of your procedure.
  8. Arrange to have a friend or family member drive you to and from the surgery center on the day of your procedure. Possibly to your 1-day follow-up visit as well.
  9. After your procedure you will be given a post op bag containing aftercare instructions, necessary eye protection and a time for your 1-day post op exam.
  10. Please bring all your eye drops with you on the day of your surgery.

We will do our best to make your laser vision correction experience as pleasant as possible.

Drops for surgeryInstructions
Prescription Antibiotic
Moxifloxacin / Gatifloxacin
Zymaxid / Vigamox  

-or –  

Yellow cap Combo drop – (Antibiotic & Steroid
& Non Steroidal combined)     
Start the drops 1 day before surgery
1 drop in each eye 4 times

*Example: breakfast, lunch, dinner & bedtime  
Drops before Instructions before SMILE/Lasik /Superlasik Eye Surgery
How to Put in Eye Drops or Ointment Instructions before SMILE/Lasik /Superlasik Eye Surgery
Patient following Instructions before SMILE/Lasik /Superlasik Eye Surgery

Special Instructions before Zeiss SMILE/Lasik /Superlasik Eye Surgery

  1. Avoid Dental work around time of surgery especially root canal. The nerves supplying eyes and teeth or gums are similar. So pain and sometimes healing may be affected
  2. If having lasik avoid strong painkillers. Drowsiness may lead to rubbing of flap and its dislocation.
  3. You can continue on blood thinners.
  4. Drink in moderation
  5. Avoid smoke going in your eyes.
  6. Medical marijuana may be smoked after wearing protective eye glasses.
  7. Glued lash extensions have not caused any problems till date.
  8. Permanent eye liner tattoo is fine.

If you have other special situations please discuss with us so we can modify Instructions before SMILE/Lasik / Superlasik/ Eye Surgery

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